Dark Souls DLC: Artorias of the Abyss Review | OXM UK

OXM UK: "Few things do. Artorias of the Abyss successfully revitalizes your initial wonder through Dark Souls' world, and for that it's worth every Microsoft Point."

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Hellsvacancy2811d ago

Im waiting for Sony to update the PS store here in the UK so I can get this beauty

RedSoakedSponge2811d ago

how the hell did you get so many bubbles?!?!?! :O

Bimkoblerutso2811d ago

Because he's goddamn Emilio Estevez, that's why. You think a man that has lead the Mighty Ducks to victory three consecutive times would have any LESS bubbles?

Merrill2811d ago

Coach Gordon Bombay you mean and the 'Triple Deke'.

DivineAssault 2811d ago

YES!!!!! Cant download it yet tho.. I must finish my list of buys in sequencial order.. This is on my top 5

YoungPlex2810d ago

My goodness I'm currently playing through the 360 version and will play the PS3 version next. I must say that AotA, is one of the greatest DLC I've ever played so far and feels like a true DLC rather than a cheap add-on. I'm about 3 hours in and have barley scratched the surface! Well I'll leave you to it, I'm about to dive back in and enjoy this bad boy!