PlayStation Mobile Update – October 24

Here are this week's PSM games:

Rock Boshers DX ($2.79 / £2.19 / ¥275)
ZooZooGo! ($3.29 / £2.59 / ¥325)

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darthv722817d ago

i am jealous of those with a ps certified device. Maybe sony will add the samsung GS2 to their list and i will be able to enjoy these games?

jujubee882817d ago

^ try the hack above and it should make psm work on any android device of your choice. Just be advised, there might be minor issues with your hardware/software running a psm game/app since a phone that needs this hack is not ps certified.

newn4gguy2817d ago

When are they going to give us good games on here? It took Minis like two years to get just THREE good games. I'm concerned. :/