DT - Aliens—Colonial Marines preview: Structurally imperfect after 5 years

DT - Gearbox Software and Sega will release Aliens: Colonial Marines in February 2013, exactly five years after it was first announced to the public. The game's campaign looks promising but its multiplayer lacks magic.

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stubbed_out2812d ago

Interesting read. I'm a huge a Aliens fan and would love nothing more than a great Aliens game, hell I'm even considering buying a Wii U for it. However, from the gameplay footage I watched a few months ago it just didn't seem right. The style was there, good lighting etc but like you mentioned the character movements looked rigid and unnatural. Couldn't really care less about multiplayer either so from my point of view its a shame they can't fully focus on the campaign. (dont hate me for it, just single player kinda guy)

Please please be great, if there's an Aliens god out there (Prometheus? Engineers?) somewhere, send us some love.

Here's hoping.