Halo 4 gets a(nother) Launch Trailer

So on top of releasing a launch trailer nowhere near the game's release date, Microsoft saw fit to release a second launch trailer for Halo 4. At this point, the only reason to call it a launch trailer is because it will presumably make you launch out of your chair with excitement.

This one actually has some gameplay in it, and its structure and length makes it perfect for a TV commercial. The tagline "An Ancient Evil Awakens" appears once again. No, it's not referring to Microsoft or the franchise itself, as much as some people want it to; it's referring to the Prometheans, the new race of enemies that Master Chief will have to contend with.

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PtRoLLFacE2809d ago

excellent! a gameplay trailer, wow humanity stands as the greatest treat in the galaxy, man i have a feeling this going to be one hell of trilogy

Blankman852809d ago

Why are you bringing halo into this? . . .Oh wait, this IS Halo, the king is back indeed!

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Summons752809d ago

Oh the wait is so killing me at this point! This game seems like it is going to be amazing.

robavila952809d ago

The wait is also killing me! I gotta wait an extra week and a half after Nov 6 for the game to ship in my country :'(

Blankman852809d ago

An excellent reason to move countries if I've ever seen one.

kratos172809d ago

that trailer is simply amazing, it teases the games' interesting story and promises superb graphics.

rezzah2809d ago

The mixture of cut scenes and gameplay was nice, the flow was very well made.

rezzah2809d ago

The greatest threat in the galaxy, does this mean this will be the last?

Unless they head over to another galaxy lol.

PtRoLLFacE2809d ago

i means there will be another forerunner vs human war ohh yeah just in case ya didn't know hundreds of thousands of years ago humans and forerunner were at war, forerunner won striped humans of their worlds, technology, everything basically made the humans cave men again, so now they evolved to a level were humans potentially are the strongest species in the galaxy, so basically the new awoken enemy is scared, that he (they) will be dethroned and humans will rule the galaxy ;)

rezzah2809d ago

Ohhh I thought the fallen where the greatest threat. That is a very interesting plot and point of view.

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The story is too old to be commented.