10 Video Game Franchises That Have Lost Their Way

WC - It’s always disheartening when a video game franchise starts out stunning, but owing to commercial concerns, greed, or simple creative bankruptcy, begins to founder, somewhat ruining the fond memories you might have of the stellar earlier instalments. Still, some of these franchises aren’t past redemption if the developers pull their socks up, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed, as many of them have new instalments emerging in the current months.

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Cam9772282d ago

What? Did you think I was going to write anything else?

Lord_Sloth2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

For those who don't wanna flip though this ass-hat's 10 pages, here's his list...

10. The Sims
9. Socom
8. Guitar Hero
7. Tony Hawk
6. Tomb Raider
5. Final Fantasy
4. Call of Duty
3. Silent Hill
2. Sonic the Hedgehog
1. Resident Evil

MikEyG2281d ago

Ass hat........Hahahahaha

Cam9772281d ago

Good, you do know that they do that on multiple pages so they can earn a higher revenue?

jghvhv2281d ago

Good thing he didn't say Pokemon,I had my killing knife ready.

MrAnderson2281d ago

Pokemon has lost it's way, black and white were terrible.

jghvhv2281d ago

*Puts hands over ears*

cpayne932281d ago

Pokemon started to go downhill after silver gold and crystal imo. I mean, what were they thinking throwing out a star character like Youngster Joey?!?

jghvhv2281d ago

Exactly! That's when everyone started to say Pokemon was going down hill.It just needs more Joey and Rattata.Trust me,Youngster Tristian and his Bidoof are slimeballs.

StockpileTom2281d ago

Ah SOCOM how I miss ye so...

Horny2281d ago

My favorite online game. Still to this day no shooter offers as much as socom did. That and counterstrike are my faves. socom does feel a lot like a 3rd person counterstrike.
How I miss those maps.

GhostHero3332281d ago

He says he might be wrong about black ops 2 doing bad in sells. Everybody knows it is going to have monster sells and call of duty games most likely will for at least the next 3 years.

kma2k2281d ago

They all have one thing in common they were sequeled to death. I get it that there franchises, but almost all of those games had so many releases they they just got boring!

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