LG Cinema 3D - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

A New Black Ops 2 trailer has been released with some new Gameplay, advertising LG's upcoming 3D Tv.

"Watch the LG Cinema 3D EXCLUSIVE Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer. Stay tuned for more exclusives prior to the launch on November 13, 2012"

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Hazmat133280d ago

the storyline is looking better and better! cant wait to play it!

KangarooSam3280d ago

The only thing that could make Black Ops 2 any better.

Welshy3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Kind of off topic, but what's the deal with the "jump off high area in slow mo" that is in every COD trailer, MW2, BLOPS, MW3 and now BLOPS2.

Surely it's kind of losing its effect by now? lol

Yeah, i just think jumping off of/out of things is massively cliched.

If Treyarch really want to convince people this isn't just another COD that's set ahead in time but plays the same, they need to drop the cliches and show the game on it's own merits and strong points, not your generic COD trailers they release every year that make every title look like the same ridiculous slow-mo blow stuff up fest.

KangarooSam3280d ago

Did you see the wingsuits?

AAACE53280d ago

Well when you do something that risk your life things move in slow motion a bit. Its kind of a mix between nerves and adrenaline kicking in..

You should get out more buddy.

Heisenburger3280d ago

I've heard people that have actually DONE things say that time actually seems to speed up. Which makes much more sense than time, somehow, slowing down.

This is what happens you act like a snobby know-it-all.



*waits for you to show whether or not you have a sense of humor*

Welshy3280d ago

Sorry, what?

You're actually trying to tell me it's for realism reasons and that i need to go jump off stuff to see if things move in slow motion in real life?

I shouldn't even be responding to you because your statement is absolute madness, but if you want to nit pick, adrenaline makes things move faster, and depending how much adrenaline is being pumped, people actually often FORGET crazy moments, not go all Max Payne and savour every second.


KangarooSam3280d ago

Honestly, I completely agree with you. I have BO2 pre ordered but only because I feel like playing zombies.

In my opinion, the first few Call of Duty's were the best. Nothing beats the memories of playing COD1 on my mom's 20 pound state-of-the-art laptop back in 2004. I also enjoyed playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, which some might think is fucking crazy.

It's strange to think none of my friends really new what COD or MOH were back then. I stopped playing them then all of a sudden everyone starts talking about this game called "Modern Warfare".
Me: "What the fuck is that?"
Everyone Else: "It's called Call of Duty or something"
Me: Facepalm

Ever since then it's been all the same generic shit. Nothing as memorable or classic as the originals.

Might be hard for all these little kiddies playing MW3 but before COD there was a bad ass series that started it all called MOH. Haven't played the reboot, but the hate needs to stop. That series is just as legendary as COD in my book.

Anyway, done with the ranting. That was pretty weird of me. But yes, the trailers are all very similar.


Perfect....need more 3d games for my lg.Definitely a must buy now!

wastedcells3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

This game is 3D? Had no idea.