What Wii U Information Would You Like To See Thursday?

I for one hope we hear Wii U details on an achievements system, their online system and if they have made a proper user account system instead of those ridiculous friend codes.

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LX-General-Kaos2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

A little more information on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system official online structure.

GameTechZero2812d ago

I hope they have lots of information to reveal.

darthv722812d ago

and what we will actually see are two different things.

For me personally, I'd love for them to say they added wii upscaling. we will likely get more information about the system and launch titles and so forth.

Not that there is anything wrong with that but for them to openly state it will upscale wii games would be the tops for me.

I mean, the hardware certainly seems capable.

Dr_Salvitor2812d ago

That and Hopefully whatever retro is working on.

TripC502812d ago

Rated E for Everyone??

MrMister2812d ago

From an honest observer/hesitant potential-costomer:
I hope to get more info on WHY I would even want to buy it. To hell with fanboyisms, I want a system that is gonna do something for gaming instead of just riding on the name of it's own legacy. Nintendo needs to prove to me that they really are gonna go toe to toe with the big boys (no stupid friend codes, strong online network, new ip's, strong 3rd party support (no ports of old stuff), and maybe bring games we dont traditionally see on consoles, like RTS games and MMO's (which the controller should be good at, but it's no point doing MMO's or any multiplayer games if they dont get their network together).

LX-General-Kaos2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

To be fair there is already great 3rd party support with new IPs. Wonderful 101 and ZombiU come to mind. There are other 3rd party exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the way. Dragon Quest X is getting the platforms feet wet in the MMO field in 2013.

Nintendo is also contributing to gaming with greater specs, many new features, and a new advanced game pad. Nintendo has also gone on record to be working on new in house IPs. It seems that your only legit complaint is the same as mine. Which is a lack of information for the online setup.

Rated E For Everyone

IWentBrokeForGaming2812d ago

Im totally with you Mista. I know I may seem to dislike the Wii U. But in all actuality I just feel they haven't revealed enough console/game info to pull me in yet. All your concerns are exactly what I have for the console!

mi_titan272811d ago

I happen to play the Rayman legends demo, and i have to say i was impressed with the system and gampad, i think once people try it they will want one.

dark-hollow2812d ago

The official death of friends codes.

LX-General-Kaos2812d ago

Thats what I am holding my breath for as well

AJBACK2FRAG2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I'm not a huge fan of ign but I happened to catch an article on Gunpei Yokoi a couple (three?) weeks ago and wow what an amazing article very informitive! I already knew "The Strange Tale of Gunpei Yokoi" but I never knew he was a mentor to Miyamato! Incredibly off topic but incredibly important. Great job ign! Now...
Kid Icarus at E3 might be accurate this time!?!(sic) Online plan of course!
I am not a friend to friend codes but I think Nintendo was trying to give us a way to play online with who we wanted to play online with and not twenty two million screaming babies! A good effort but poor execution.
F zero U!

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GameTechZero2812d ago

Has it not been revealed that its region locked?

GameTechZero2812d ago

This would be awesome but its not like Nintendo to reveal specifics on hardware specs. They just usually give you the bare minimum specs.

Shok2812d ago

Well we know it has 2 GIGS of RAM (confirmed by Iwata) and the GPU is a e6760.

In the last Iwata asks it was revealed in a picture that the GPU was embedded. Iwata confirmed that the Wii U GPU was a GPGPU during the Japanese Sept. 13th conference. Nintendo's site has also had "AMD Radeon HD GPU." on there for the longest.

The e6760 is AMD's first embedded GPGPU (2011)

Put 2-and-2 together and that pretty much confirms it all.

Only info we're missing is the CPU, though according to dev we can assume it's clocked lower.

DeadlyFire2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

They have other GPGPUs though in case you are not aware of Firepro series. They have mobile counterparts and an embedded version of a chip built with GPGPU in mind wouldn't really be that hard for them to craft. Just because the e6760 was their first it doesn't mean that it is the GPGPU. Their aim with R700 series GPU would have likely been around 800-1000 Gigaflops. 576 Gigaflops is not even a 2-3 time increase over X360 like what has already been claimed. They do have more efficient Firepro Mobile chips that could qualify to be in an embedded platform. We could see alot more juice in their GPGPU than what most expect.

I personally believe even FirePro M7820 level is possible. 1120 Gigaflops. + maybe 60 Gigaflops from CPU at most. Depending on the tweaking for TDP that the GPGPU will go under. It could be a tad bit less with say maybe 100-200 less Gigaflops than what it was originally. Just a guess though.

stuntman_mike2811d ago

it could be the 7660D in thier new APU's?

DeadlyFire2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Well what we do know is that the system will have 2 GB of RAM, but 1 GB will be locked for the OS. Possibly tweaked as the OS gets updated and smaller memory used. So pretty much 1.5 GB of RAM within a few years it will end up being that much for developers. That is my guess.

CPU - 3 or 4 core CPU based on Broadway CPU. Some rumors of 8 threaded CPU. IF true that makes it only as powerful as the CELL CPU without the three locked out cores on the PS3. Since PS3 uses only 6 threads/SPEs for game development. Considering Nintendos typically slashing of the CPU I expect no more than 8 threads, but the potential is easily 12-16 threads on this CPU.

GPU - Somewhere between 600-1200 Gigaflops with Gigapixel rate no less than 10. TDP around 25-50.

PopRocks3592812d ago

A new killer app game and some details on the online network.

Shok2812d ago

I just want to see the operating system (main menu, friend's list, system settings, etc) and the Nintendo Network inaction.

Gr812812d ago

The same, from me. I will add though, I want to know how they treat the Virtual Console also.

The idea of trickling releases is as outdated as trickle down economics.

stuntman_mike2811d ago

I think the next direct will be about online. seeing as they havent said a thing about it thier probably gearing up for a big reveal (i hope).

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