iOS Game Developers Breath a Sigh of Relief With iPad Mini Announcement

"Earlier this morning Apple had their (out of the norm) press conference where they announced a new Macbook, Mac Mini, iMac, and most importantly the iPad Mini and unexpected iPad 4. Leading up to the conference was speculation on what size the iPad Mini’s screen and resolution would be and whether developers would have to update their games so it would be compatible with the device." -Charles Ferrendelli

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Hazmat132240d ago

damn dude the iMac is thin as fuck i gonna get one!

CFerrendelli2240d ago

It is pretty thin. Hard to believe there's an entire computer in that thing.

HK62239d ago

The /edge/ is thin, sure. For all you know, it could be thicker than the old iMac in the middle where all the components are. Notice how they only show it off at angles and never show a straight side-view anywhere?