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EA failed to send out review code to websites ahead of the launch. Now they have, the reviews will start to filter through. Here's NowGamer's.

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ritsuka6662815d ago

BS Review..

Game is amazing, it is really one of the best single player campaign ever made (IMO).

zacharyjd322814d ago

I completely agree. The campaign is just beautiful. It is a little short, but should be tried by any FPS player who loves emotion mixed with gunplay.

paddystan2814d ago

I agree. I unlocked it yersterday through an American VPN (it unlocks normally today for me). Aan amazing camapaign, way better than the campaign in BF3, MW2, MW3 and Blops.

M1chl2814d ago

"best single player campaign ever made"

Can I ask you, how many single player game have you play?

Because you know, MoH in 2010 had absolutely horrendous campaign, almost on par with MW2.

And hearing such a praise for campaign in military shooter seems bizzare...but than again, I haven't play it yet, so I don't say that you are wrong.

Aceman182814d ago

I picked up my copy yesterday and will start playing before weeks end. I'll judge for myself whether or not this game is good.

R6ex2814d ago


Its another great (& realistic) campaign.

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Bumpmapping2815d ago

Back to the drawing board EA chop chop!

Mr-Dude2814d ago

A lot of trolling reviews IMO... A friend o mine has the game (review) and what i have seen it's awesome.

But hey, COD will recieve tons of 100 scores... for a game that does nothing new...

InTheLab2814d ago

I was on the CoD hate train for the last 3 games but if you really look at Blops 2, you'll see that it's more than just the usual copy and paste...particularly the zombie campaign.

I didn't disagree with you but don't slam the door on Blops simply because MW3 was complete ass with nothing new to offer.

As for the troll reviews...EA brought it on themselves for trolling review sites by not sending out review copies. Of course the media will be a bit more critical when looking at this game. EA clearly had something to hide.

Mr-Dude2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Perhaps... But MOH does bring a new engine... Does offer something new.. But in the end of the day all the shooters are the same. The genre is just overcrowded.. World At War was a gem, COD4 was a beast the rest sucked. I miss the days of the first MOH, when we had to show a ID to a Nazi, play undercover... Nowadays it's all about the War On Terrorism...

Anywayz, MOH will arrive tomorrow and i can judge for myself. Then.. ACIII!

Trunkz Jr2814d ago

I didn't expect much from this game, got it 50% off from origin via BF3 premium membership and its awesome! Why? The buddy system works!

paddystan2814d ago

I unlocked it through VPN yesterday (it unlocks without VPN today). The campaign is really amazing, way better than the campaign in BF3, MW2, MW3 and Blops. Can't wait to try the multiplayer later today!

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The story is too old to be commented.