The Importance Of Silent Protagonists

GameInformer- Today’s games are filled with extravagant cutscenes and extensive dialogue, leaving some people to wonder why certain protagonists are still mute. Personally, I hope more silent protagonists emerge. I also hope certain characters continue to never utter a word and only offer simple phrases, sounds, and expressions to convey their personalities.

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lilbroRx2810d ago

People seem to forget the point of a character that is silent. Its allows you to judge them by their deeds and characters.

A silent protagonist can appeal to everyone. When you voice a character you get into voice acting skills, voice tone preference and people start judging the character more on his words than his actions.

Some things are more easily understood through actions rather than words. I prefer a story to be told by deeds.

camel_toad2809d ago

My friend seems to generally hate the silent protagonist but ever since Half-Life (as far as I remember) set the stage for it I've always found myself more a part of the story and character rather than just reading about the character like you would in a book.

I like it =)

2809d ago
TheDivine2809d ago

Games dont need alot of conversation to tell a good story or give a character personality. Look at Zelda, Link is very relatable and endearing. Just from his expressions or sounds you get to know his emotions. He doesnt need to speak to convey emotion. Games like Half-Life tell the story through NPC's with it all happening to you or around you. Demons Souls tells its story from you adventuring. The lore, atmosphere, and environments provide everything with a few npc's to tell their story and make the setting all the more real. Even Fallout 3 had you just pick a reply. Yea you communicated but you dont speak as YOURE supposed to be the character. Its amazing when well done. Voice acting is also amazing if done as well as Mass Effect, The Last Story, Metro 2033, or Uncharted. Niether way is wrong but i think certain ways are wrong for certain games. An example would be Zelda. I dont want Link to speak. I wouldnt mind Zelda and npc's being voiced and keeping Link mute with sounds, grunts, and choosing a reply here and there but no VA for Link himself.

Kamikaze2809d ago

link shouldnt talk silents makes link who he is.

3-4-52809d ago

When it's silent, you still get to use your imagination a bit and create your own version of the Hero or story. Not a ton, but just enough to make the experience better.

LOZ & Dragon Quest are both good at this.