Dual Wielding in Video Games

GamerFitNation: Dual wielding weapons in video games have always been a dream for gamers. This is because everyone knows that more is always better. The struggle though, is how to make dual wielding effective, and not over powered. Most games are able to incorporate dual wielding effectively, but they all do it a little differently. For example, the new game Dishonored, gives the player a sword and then the player can use anything in the other hand.

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digitalkid2816d ago

Dishonored made it right, by giving player a melee weapon in one hand, and gun in the other. SPOILER!!! Final fight was done in 2 seconds with a right timed block and then shot in a face. One of the best final fights I've seen. For real.

PS Not a word about Skyrim in article about dual-wielding? =)

Blastoise2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Bioshocks was pretty cool with the plasmid + Weapon

PhantomT14122816d ago

It wasn't dual-wielding though, you had to change between plasmids and weapons. It seems that it won't be the case with Infinite though.

Blastoise2816d ago

I meant in Bioshock 2 really. You could have a weapon and a plasmid at the same time

MattyG2816d ago

I think Blastoise meant Bioshock 2's dual weilding.

PhantomT14122816d ago

Oh ok. I admit I didn't remember if it was the case with Bioshock 2.

ElectricKaibutsu2816d ago

A dream for gamers? We've been dual wielding since Perfect Dark 64! But I guess the article means two different types of weapons. Still, two handed throwing knives were cool.

Ducky2816d ago

... then there's Darkness2 with quad-wielding.

KrimsonKody2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Dammit, I was gonna mention The Darkness also, lol.
I think he wins hands down.
He wields demons.