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The Wii U is only a month away from release; Joshua Mobley breaks down his experiences playing it for the first time.

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lilbroRx2819d ago

Sounds like he has trouble adjusting to the controller, being it that he chose vita to compare it too rather than the, more similar, DS makes me think he may have some small bias against it from the start.

Most reports say that the controller is comfortable and causes no problems. Making a complaint about having to take you hand off to use the touch screen is like complaining about having to move your arm to swing a motion controller.

Well no sheet.

Trenta272819d ago

You get a bubble! I'm feeling like a nice guy today.

Ilovetheps52819d ago

That was one of the shortest previews I've ever seen.

DivineAssault 2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Well i agree 100%.. The gamepad isnt comfortable to me.. Why dont all of you go out to your local gamestop & try it out? the demo stations are up so u can see for yourselves.. Im telling u all that its not ideal for core gaming.. The pro control i have yet to try but if it cant be used on wii games, has weak rumble, & is only useable on SOME wii u titles, theres no point in owning it anytime soon.. That gamepad has around 5hrs of life w minimal settings so will require charging EVERY time u stop playing or during long play sessions..

I like the wii u & im buying one when the games i want come to it but im not ready to own it until i see what they do.. Theres many unknowns still that i want answers to.. Before u all go berserk talking mess, please go try it for yourselves.. Theres many great things about it but theres just as many terrible things that need to be ironed out.. & keep in mind, this is supposed to be NX GEN so some of its short comings are inexcusable for a system releasing at the end of 2012.. Hey who can complain w a $300 price tag tho? plus accessories, games, hdd, headset, etc

HappyCamper1722819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

You sound like you're finding reasons not to like it and like you get scared of something new.

I consider Wii U next-gen because it's something new like Wii was (too bad for bad 3rd party support and Nintendo's restriction on using motion controls).

Saying ps2, ps3, xbox/360... were next-gen over ps1 is stupid for me. They are just new systems in terms of power. Graphics don't make something next-gen. Its just better graphics.

So nintendo offers next-gen console experience not next-gen console graphics.

For me Wii U is a easy choice as it offers something new like Wii did and after playing PS1 PS2 i feel ps3 xbox360 couldn't offer me something fresh. I hope they do that with their new consoles.

I'm not into console wars i just want to share my opinions and experience.

ozzywazzy2819d ago

I've loved and played every Zelda game until skyward sword which I never got to. A large part of my disinterest was my dislike of twilight princess controls, using the wiimote. While im sure it was a great game, it goes to show how fundamentally important a good controller is. What you call "innovation" some call unnecessary gimmicks. Just sayin'

HappyCamper1722819d ago

I pretty much liked twilight princess controls but at the same time i can agree swinging the remote for sword attacks could have been avoided.

Thats what i refered to in last comment (too bad for bad 3rd party support and Nintendo's restriction on using motion controls).

Wii u wont have those restrictions so it could be an improvement (quality games > shovelware).

Gamer-Z2819d ago

After trying out the WiiU gamepad for myself i have to say its very uncomfortable its way to big and bulky and the overall construction feels cheap.

2819d ago
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