First 10 minutes of Medal of Honor WARFIGHTER

Just showing the first 10 minutes of the game to not spoil it on anyone.

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IIC0mPLeXII2819d ago

Four words Black Friday Price Drop.

JoGam2819d ago

I hope this was on easy cause the heli should have took him out.

otherZinc2819d ago

Corridor scripted shooter...Again...BS!
Could we mix in some sandbox with optional co-op?
I'll bet this isn't co-op.

Ju2819d ago

Go buy a sandox game if you like sand bo games. This ain't it. Never was. Never will be. Some hints: Rage, BF, FarCry..

If you like apples go buy apples but don't complain oranges aren't apples.

Ju2819d ago

well, probably. But the open world gave you quite some space. Not so much in the indoor levels, I agree. No alternative pathways. True.

BlackPrince 422819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

This looks bad. Even from the start it seems overly linear and scripted. Waypoint markers seem arbitrary and difficult to see. Hit detection looked screwy (e.g. shooting that one guy in the head/neck and the helicopter bit). I couldn't detect any aim assist (a must for console games).

The dialogue was filled with awkward jargon and the cuts between scenes were jarring and felt disconnected. And how the hell do you put 8 weeks prior before we even know what the present is? Without a frame of reference continuity is meaningless.

Oh and then comes the tutorial? What?

2819d ago
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