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The Escapist: "The AI can be a bit clunky and its reluctance to bring important developments to your attention can be annoying, but if you're out for some simple strategy fun that won't bury you in arcane rules (or you just dig the idea of building your own glorious underground kingdom), A Game of Dwarves should suit nicely."

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kesvalk2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

it's basically a simple dwarf fortress that you don't need a 12 page tutorial just to grasp the basics.

ppl that like this one should try Gnomoria and Towns, they are more like dwarf fortress (gnomoria being the one more similar to it) than game of dwarves, have worse graphics but they are way more open for you to do your thing...

the only two gripes i have with this game is some game breaking bugs (like i stayed on the pause menu for some time, and i came back everything was black and i couldn't find my base, 10 hours thrown into the trash) and the fact that you can only make a few objects, also didn't find a way to use the trees in the overworld to gather more wood...