Resident Evil 6 closes in on 3 million sales - average equals sales

With huge sales already and in the face of many not so favorable reviews. Resident Evil 6 as an average game according to some is selling well.

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zeeshan2813d ago

Screw that! :@ Idiots will keep making them Action oriented crappy RE titles and more idiots will keep buying that.

eferreira2813d ago

Why is someone an idiot because they like it and you don't?

joab7772813d ago

Its just more justification to keep making streamlined sequels.i wouldnt care if they made these money makers and then use profits to make new ips like dragons dogma.

cleft52813d ago

In the end, it's all about sales. If more these "idiots" have money and are willing to buy a game than a cynical, jaded, "smart" gamer then guess what? Companies will continue to make games for the "idiots." Money talks and love or hate RE6, it sold a lot of copies so you can bet that RE7 and onward will be follow the path of RE6.

Sadly, your only option is to not buy the game. But even if you don't, so what, because millions of "idiots" will. In short, you don't matter. That is the truth. Harsh as hell but the truth.

doogiebear2813d ago

Is 3 million alot for the amount of time that has passed, versus prior sales of Re games in about the same time span that 6 has been out? In the end, that is what will make Capcom pay attentention....$$$

2pacalypsenow2813d ago

Well thats this gen's story bad games high sells Good games low sells

Ares84HU2813d ago


It's brand recognition that sells.

You can make any shooter and call it Call of Duty and it will sell millions on day 1.

If Black Ops 2 wasn't called Call of Duty but something like......I don't know....Future of War or something, people wouldn't even care about it as much.

cleft52813d ago

Not entirely true, if you recall Halo use to be the top FPS game. Then this no name title called Call of Duty came along and knocked Halo down. I remember when CoD1 was first released in the same month as Halo and everyone said it was being sent out to die. Now look at how much things have changed.

Brand matters, after all, Halo still sells well, but ultimately the game has to be solid. RE6 is a solid Action game, not a survival horror game, but an Action game. It's a solid Action game and it has a quality Brand name that has been made very popular because of the movies everyone loves to hate.

ShaunCameron2813d ago

No. It's brand recognition and/or promotion that resonates with its intended audience that sells. Quality is largely subjective.

kesvalk2813d ago

is the same with diablo 3, extremely bad game that sell on name brand only.

Eldyraen2813d ago

I wouldn't say a bad game, but more of a Diablo Lite compared to the others. It felt like they were catering too much to WoW and Torchlight fans than the original Diablo fanbase (with a premium price to top it off). Some of it is questionable but I still enjoy it even with some of its water downed features.

JAM_brz2813d ago

That´s why Capcom don´t change the game since RE4. And my hopes of a horror RE goes to the bottom sea.

Pozzle2813d ago

It makes me wonder how a horror oriented RE game would sell if it received as much attention as RE5 and RE6 did. I mean, Capcom have flat-out said that horror games don't sell well any more... But have they even bothered to try? Resident Evil Revelations was never going to sell as well as a main RE title because it was on 3DS, and the on-rails arcade-style RE games don't really appeal to this generation of gamers anymore.

But if Capcom made RE7 a solely horror-oriented game, put it on PS3 and 360, gave it as much advertising as RE5/RE6 have received...then it would probably sell just as well as the action-oriented RE games. I'd be willing to wager that a lot of their popularity has to do with the ridiculously large marketing scheme put behind the games, rather than whether or not they are genuinely quality titles.

JAM_brz2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Totally agree with you.

But I think they will not change unless the game don´t sell well, and judging by the article, that will not going to happen.

And of course a horror RE would sell as many as actual RE titles. Actually, they use the name Resident Evil and a large marketing to sell this game.

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