Beatshapers: ‘Pity devs aren’t jumping on the Vita bandwagon’, people request Trophies for Minis

GB: BreakQuest: Extra Evolution comes out on the PS Vita, PSP and PS3 today, and we interviewed Alexey Menshikov, CEO and founder of Beatshapers, and asked him how it was developing for the Vita and whether trophies are something that people actually demand for Minis.

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ElitaStorm2822d ago

Trophies and achievements make games more interesting

JoGam2822d ago

Agreed. Trophies turned me out. I'm a freak for trophies.

doogiebear2822d ago

Normally i'd agree, but lately many games give trophies for simple things u were gonna do anyway. Like getting a trophy for passing the 2nd level or something. I wish they were more challenging and required a tad bit more ingenuity and skill (even the bronze and silver trophies)

Ares84HU2822d ago

Interesting? Not really, but it does add a little extra. For me, they are like extra "missions" I have to complete. Gives me reason to play the game more when otherwise I would have moved on to another game.

3-4-52822d ago

No the don't. I've never once even worried or thought about achievements or trophies.

You get achievements for stupid stuff like:

Beat the First Boss, Kill first bad guy. people have that low of self esteem that you need an E-pat on the back ?

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Xof2822d ago

It would only be a pity if, you know, it wasn't so obvious WHY they're not jumping on the Vita bandwagon.

You know, that whole, "Vita? What's the Vita?" stance Sony's been taking for the past half year.

DivineAssault 2822d ago

i enjoy earning trophies in my games.. It adds a lil bit more to games when getting sh*t done & adds some replay value

dboyman2822d ago

I am the complete opposite. I care less wether I get plat trophy or not. I'm old school I play games for my enjoyment. If I get a trophy fine. If not,not. Trophies are a thing to show off, but the reason to play games. I find FOR ME when you do play just to get trophies,, its ruins my enjoyment for gaming. I guess I'm in the minority though...

dboyman2821d ago

Trophies are a thing to show off, but the reason to play games.

typing on smart phones can be such a pain...

Sorry meant to say Trophies are a thing just to show off to online pals, but they are NOT the main reason to play games. The point to play a game was to enjoy it and have fun. But I guess I am considered too old school