Peter Molyneux Lists His Favorite Fable 2 Features

We all remember the hype surrounding the first installment of Fable where Peter Molyneux had a vision for 'Project Ego' (god I still love that name) but was never or even... partially realized. But now, 1up has posted Peter's top five favorite features for Fable 2. Which is turning out to be what the first Fable should have been.

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Jay da 2KBalla5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

Peter molyneux and his company lionhead is one of my favorite devs. Microsoft know what they were doing when they acquired them and quite frankly I'm glad they did. Molyneux said that due to the acquisition lionhead isnt any longer financially constrained which will in turn allow lionhead to make better games.

tom15955909d ago

yay! i love fable. its the BEST type of game. i use to have a ps2 and fable 2 was one of the reasons i now own a pretty, curvy white box!

Jak4ever5908d ago

This is the type of innovation that this industry needs.. push the limits.. go for it!

Peter molyneux is a free thinker. Cant wait for fable 2.