Treading outside the Box: DmC

Since its announcement, I've been following the pre-release of the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot, “DmC” with a mixture of anger and disapproval. However, during my latest grouch session I came to the realization that I may be contradicting myself. I frequently want developers to try new things with existing IP’s or create new ones while I laud the bland, cheap, rehashes that are being churned out. But now that a game in a franchise I've loved from its start is trying something new instead of just making more of the same I find myself enraged. This demands inner reflection, not because I'm going to change my mind, of course, but because I'm nothing if not self-aware.

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yami9302815d ago

It all would of been fine if Ninja Theory and Capcom would have just made this a new IP. It basically is besides the name of the game and the characters, with the gameplay being a mix of Devil May Cry and Heavenly sword mechanics with new weapons, the characters being all new, the enviorment / world being new, everything is different except the names really. Off topic but it really sucks Capcom only allowed this dante in Playstation All Stars, we all knew it was probably gonna happen being they have done near nothing to make fans of anything of theirs happy these days, but I would really like if Dante can be put in the game still.

Lord_Sloth2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Agreed. If this game wasn't Devil May Cry there would be more interest. However, since it is being paraded about as Devil May Cry, it is being judged against the rest of the series.

NT's horrible PR job hasn't exactly helped to simmer the attitudes either. Gamers are immature, true, but as a businessman you're supposed to be professional and composed rather than insulting and confrontational.

Kyosuke_Sanada2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The only reason NT are throwing insults because other than the schism in fanbase, you really haven't heard any buzz about the game. VERY rare you will hear or read a headline about DMC without the journalist condemning or reassuring them or announcing anything original which makes the game stand on two feet.

ShaunCameron2814d ago

@ Kyosuke_Sanada

That could possibly signify that either DMC as a franchise is on a decline or the people are just not that interested in this particular DMC.

hkgamer2814d ago

NT is desperate to release a game that has a few million sales so they have chosen to develop a game that already has a big franchise.
I am actually looking forward to this game because it looks alot easier than DMC1&3. I also liked Heavenly Sword because of its presentation and cinematic like sequences. NT could possibly bring a decent non anime like story to the series and could possibly be a massive hit with amazing sales.
However I do feel sorry for the original fans though, action will be changed and the anime like story will be westernised. I still get nightmares of how bad Dragonball and all the SF movies turned out to be.

This game will probably turn out to be good, but I actually wanted nt to sort ouot their relations with Sony and work on heavenly Sword instead, a sequel to that game would probably have been a massive hit, similar to how uncharted 2 became GOTY.

grayfoxx8812814d ago

I'm a huge fan of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword, so I will definitely be picking this one up. I don't think either game sold too well, and making a new IP would continue the trend of mediocre sales. I can see how longtime DMC fans may be upset with the changes, but I'm picking this up because of Ninja Theory.

Kyosuke_Sanada2814d ago

But that would be encouraging them in their shoddy PR work and you do know that DMC isn't written by Rhianna Pratchett or Alex Garland so don't expect a similar script.....

grayfoxx8812814d ago

Well, just to get this out in the open, I'm not a DMC fan. I finished the first one, ignored the second, got about halfway through the third, and didn't bother with the fourth. I'm sure their PR did a lot of damage, but I'm buying this because of the studio, not because of the name of the game. I liked their last two games, so I'm buying their next game. I don't know anything about the story, but for some reason I'm not expecting much. The gameplay is what I'm focusing on. I didn't think the original DMC games were known for their strong stories.

timbow19822814d ago

I got hands on with this at Eurogamer this year, it's very God of War, it's more of a hack & slash game than the previous titles.
Not sure if that's everyone's cup of tea, it felt a little too much like GoW if that makes sense, rather than being it's own game...but it was just a demo so can't really judge.