Forza Horizon Tour Hits the Streets

As Forza Horizon races towards the chequered flag, Microsoft Studios, Playground Games and Turn 10 have launched a series of events for car and music fans before the videogame hits stores. The action begins with #EscapeTheGrid, a full throttled four day road trip starting today, with ten supercars competing in a series of challenges en route France to the UK.

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mcstorm2821d ago

Bring on Friday when I get my copy of this game. The only worry I have for this game is it may not sell as many as it should as I am yet to see any TV adds for this game. Last night during the Man Utd champions league game we had COD BO2, MoH and NFS adds but no Forza adds. MS and PG/Turn 10 have an amazing game and need to start showing it to the world as this could be the game that knocks NFS off its spot on the 360.

Lvl_up_gamer2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I am seeing a few ads on TV. On Spike and some sports channels.

I hope Horizon not only does well to the Forza fans, but also to those who are fans of TDU.

mcstorm2821d ago

Im in the UK and so far we have not had any.
I agree I hope it sells well to everyone not just Forza fans.

Lvl_up_gamer2821d ago

Ah. I live in Canada so that could be why.

Me-Time2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I've seen an ad at least five times in the past two weeks. The second time I saw one was on Jimmy Kimmel in the US, right after a Corvette (I think) skit during, or for, the actual show.

ironwolf2821d ago

They've been running adds here for a couple of weeks.

Knight_Crawler2821d ago

True...I actually seen them while watcing Sunday NFL games which is not a bad move if you want to capture the American market.

But the UK will by anything Forza regardless not seen any ads becuase if there is one thing UK people love more than soccer is fast cars : )