Upcoming Console Game To Mark The Very First Interaction Between Disney & Pixar Characters

Although Pixar is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Pictures, the two studios’ characters have never interacted with one another; however, that is about to change. Disney Interactive is working on a brand-new console video game, which is code-named “Toy Box.” The upcoming project will star characters from Disney as well as Pixar, which means they will at last interact with each other for the first time.

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PirateThom2814d ago

There's no Pixar characters in Kingdom Hearts.

omarzy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I know, but maybe this one will change that. If this did add Pixar characters, then this could be better than any KH.

I'm really hoping that this is KH because it could really make the franchise stronger.

Edit: It probably isn't. I see no mention of square. Thats what i get for getting excited and commenting right away.

DivineAssault 2814d ago

wouldnt be surprising if its for nx gen..

CraigandDayDay2814d ago

Imagine how gorgeous the visuals would be to see Disney and Pixar characters in 1080p or maybe even 4K on the PS4 (that last one is doubtful btw. LoL But would be awesome!).

WiiUalpha2813d ago

Yes it will look awesome in something that requires 100k to even own.... Bet it'll look awesome in 20k resolution too.

CraigandDayDay2813d ago

I did say it was doubtful it'll be in 4k. LoL. Read before you write ur sarcastic remarks.