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While there's nothing technically wrong with the game, it just feels like there's so much missed opportunity with Sports Champions 2.

chukamachine4261d ago

Nothing technically wrong with the game. Plays fine and works well.

But because you see a missed opportunity you mark it down.

Ignore review if i've ever seen one.

You know what the content is, if you don't like. Don't buy.

steveg25644261d ago

He also states the game is going to be $60. I believe Move titles are priced at $40, but I could be wrong on that.

abzdine4261d ago

Sports Champions 2 is around 20$ maybe 30 as a max. It's even below that if you pre-order it on the PS Store and there is a free DLC available at launch if you buy it from PSS.

Stupid reviewers who have no idea about what they're talking about.

cloud4954261d ago

No, you are wrong. Look at the websites name "NZ" gamer. The pricing is in NZD. In New Zealand the game is $60.

Wh15ky4261d ago

A quick search shows that nzgameshop . c o m has it available for pre-order for $39.99, that's roughly equivalent to £20 sterling.

MmaFan-Qc4261d ago

39.99$ here in canada, this review seriously lack of rigor.

cloud4954260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

NZgameshop isn't based in New Zealand. It's based in UK. It just ships to NZ.

Last line: All items are shipped from the UK, delivery time to New Zealand is approximately 4-12 days.

Mighty ape which is in New Zealand has it available for $60.


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abzdine4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Works great for me too the demo is proving that you can go check it out.
They removed the most annoying thing from the first one which is the frequent calibration and the first one already had a great motion tracking.

I'm loving the Golf, can't wait for the full game to try boxing out!!
And when you look at the price of this game it's really a huge selling argument.

Cam9774261d ago

Great game, stupid review.

4261d ago
chaos_mechanica4261d ago

You made an error in your review: the game is set to be 40 bucks, not 60. Amazon actually had it down to 34.99 at one point but i think it's since returned.

Otherwise, I agree with a lot you said based on the previews/reviews I've seen. It feels like they took Wii Sports and made a Move version. Also, why take out Gladiator Duel? Out of all the previous sports, that was just as good as Archery. And why not give the game some charm? It's realistic and straight-forward look is so... plain.

I'll probably still get it because i heard it works well. I'm just disappointed that they didn't try harder to do more for this young "franchise."

cloud4954260d ago

It's $60 retail in New Zealand. Unless you import it.


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Ulf2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Wow. This article is like 5 years too late?

And also? The Wonderbook games, namely the two Harry Potter ones, Book of Spells and Book of Potions, were probably the best Move games... yet this article doesn't mention them.

Mr_cheese2679d ago

Resistance 3 doesnt get a mention either and that game was brilliant when used with the sharp shooter

bu3ouf912679d ago

Ha, I felt the same 😂👌

FyBy2679d ago

So Sony please remake Sports champions.....pleeeeeease :-)

2679d ago
Injusticewarrior2679d ago

Atleast it had tumble listed..
I enjoyed the dead space and resident evil light gun games with the move.

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WeAreLegion3911d ago

I love Move. I hope to see it more in the coming generation. Sports Champions 3, please! Also, a new Buzz would be great!

brianunfried3911d ago

More rail shooters. I can't get enough of House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut, the most fun I've had with the Move Sharpshooter.

titans99993911d ago

Motion gaming sucks! Let it go already!