Forza Horizon Review: A Refreshing Change of Gears | 1UP

1UP: "After four similar entries, the Forza series successfully shakes things up with an open world."

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Blankman852813d ago

I hope this spin off is expended upon. Maybe they can drop the Forza name and just call it Horizon. Or PGR!!

thebudgetgamer2813d ago

I miss PGR, I was playing that last night and it was really under ratred.

On topic: This looks really fun.

iistuii2812d ago

It's now called called NFS most wanted by the looks of the videos I've seen.

NeotheGamer2812d ago

Very fun so far. burned it to a Verbatim DVD+R DL

Very fun.

NeotheGamer2812d ago

So i say the game is fun and get people disagreeing This website sucks