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The game will pick up where Medal of Honor (2010) left off from before. Players will continue to control Tier 1 Operators through various scenarios, including rescuing hostages in Abu Sayyaf’s stronghold in the Philippines, and assaulting Al-Shabaab’s pirate town on the Somali Coast.

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Cam9772817d ago

This looks boring, generic and we've seen it all before.
No buy.

SOD_Delta2817d ago

I won't be buying it as well.

Bumpmapping2817d ago

Same as million other gamers.

chriski3332817d ago

great score picking it up day 1 u guys that say it sucks or that its a COD clone we all know ur just COD sheep so have fun with that and my MOH buddies see ya on the battle grounds.

wastedcells2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Actually MOH was first and some of the team left to start a company known as infinity ward. So it's not a clone just historically not as good. My copy is in the mail so I hope it's good. Hoping for a more gritty realistic shooter than the arcade shooter cod has become. Oh and this site has to be the worst place for game reviews ever. Always crappy broken English nonsense.

bumnut2816d ago

He is correct, I think IW made MOH allied assault which was epic.

Ju2816d ago

It is EA's version of CoD. I have no illusion that EA isn't trying to steal from Activision here. And I don't care. I liked it better than CoD. It is something between BF and CoD...and in that sense an Arcade version of BF since the last game came out. I love that. CoD is too Arcade for me, and that's all fine. Actually, I am glad that I don't have to listen to the crap what's usually going on in CoD games...hard to weed out with 13M players. I stick with MoH. Gives me all the fun I want and it is by far the better looking game. Unless Activision managed to completely re-write their engine, which I doubt they did. So, each their own.

R6ex2817d ago

I like a realistic shooter.

I'm buying!

TENTONGUN2817d ago

i read "and i hope this is true" there will be a one shot kill mode. choose realism any day.

Petro2817d ago

I you like realistic shooter, you should try Arma 2 :P This is no way realistic, in any way.

TENTONGUN2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )


i would love to play arma2, but i just have a cheap laptop. it was coming to consoles but they cancelled it, dont know why. but that arma3 is right up my alley

bumnut2816d ago

Arma 2 is too realistic for me, having to run for miles only to get killed annoys me (I know im crap at it!)

Red Orchestra 2 is as hardcore as I like to go

killerhog2816d ago

Where were you guys for socom 4? That had the traditional 1-hit-kill modes
Like the original.

OhMyGandhi2816d ago

if you want realistic, play Operation Flashpoint.

TENTONGUN2816d ago

yeah ive played them on pc and 360. liked em alot but i moved on.

Ju2816d ago

Define "Realistic". Realistic looking maybe, realistic gameplay? Nope. This is still an Arcade shooter.

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FragGen2817d ago

Perhaps you should consider not commenting on it then? LOL.

Gamer19822817d ago

Just like COD each year then huh?

sdozzo2817d ago

You rats couldn't even wait 48 hours before crushing this. Pathetic. It's gaming. Enjoy it.

finbars752817d ago

Wow I can say that about any game now a days so you comment really is pointless.For those who like FPS its alot better then I thought.The SP is awsome and the MP has really been fixed up and plays great and for $40 or ebgames trade in a certain game and get $50 credit towards it its worth the money.You can bash the game all you want but most of the FPS gamers should give it a go its worth the time and money.Dont listen to all these haters who dont like fps or are obsessed with Halo4 or BO2 which are just as generic as the rest.

2pacalypsenow2816d ago

but you will buy Call of duty right? cuz thats not boring, generic and we've seen it all before RIGHT??

Cam9772816d ago

Er... No. That is 10x worse, I'm not getting any FPS games so you failed there.

2pacalypsenow2816d ago

then why comment on a game genre you dont even play?

Beastforlifenoob2816d ago

The developers dont know how to play it lol

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GammaSix2817d ago

Another generic cod clone..sigh

this industry is getting really stale. Atleast we have the random gems that come out every so often like Bioshock or Borderlands.

ElementX2817d ago

Actually the first Call of Duty game was released in 2002. Medal of Honor has been around since 1999.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2817d ago

@Element atleast someone knows there history ive been telling people this for ages and they dont listen

GammaSix2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Why do people keep saying that? SO WHAT its still an obvious COD clone, have you played MoH before the new ones? Exactly my point.

Killstreaks,ADS+no recoil,easy kills come on people use your head

ElementX2817d ago

I played a couple of the old MoH games on PC

Soldierone2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

@GammaSix if you are using that as an excuse to "COD Clone" then you realize COD is nothing more than a clone of other games right? Only reason it took off so well is because they put the same formula into a modern shooter, and everyone was sick and tired of WWII shooters.

If anything, we should be calling COD a "Doom Clone"

greenpowerz2817d ago

Not surprising a xbox centric game getting extra love would be hated and dragged down by the anti COD pro Sony movment.

The game reminds me of a more focused BattleField 3. It doesn't seem to play like COD at all LOL

ALLWRONG2817d ago

CoD and MoH were created by the same people. Both games suck IMO.

Old McGroin2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

@ Soldierone

Doom is a Castle Wolfenstein clone ;)

I know, made by the same company but still!

So does this make Black Ops 2 a Wolfenstein clone (Nazi zombie types and all that)?

Eyeco2817d ago

I remember playing MOH on PS1 it was actually a great fps for it's time, did anyone else play it ?

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R6ex2817d ago

COD is unrealistic. Crap!

MOH, BF3, OFP are all realistic shooters. I love it!

Klonopin2817d ago

COD is the ghetto of the FPS genre. The graphics are recycled in every installment, the weapons sound like apologetic farts and multiplayer is as stale as a Doritos chip.

slapedurmomsace2817d ago

Just another wolfenstein clone.

nutcrackr2817d ago

"Game Medal of Honor is one of the first games of war and correction, which relies on the first-person perspective"

"Story mode is suitable for ages Shooting and is considered the best is the style multiplayer online"

uh, this review, not good. Pirated copy and trying to get early hits?

Blues Cowboy2817d ago

Agreed, this is one of the least legit reviews/sites I have ever seen. Ever.

trenso12817d ago

Also the grammar of the article is horrible i didn't even finish reading it.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2817d ago

the person that did this review is using a pirated copy for one as ea has said something about review copys not going out until launch and the grammar in that shizzle is awful

Wingsfan242817d ago

These guys always do this for their reviews and it's usually shitty writing too. If you've noticed they usually have a review up a few days before embargo ends. This site should be blacklisted..

Not even going to read the review as you already know it's pretty shady.

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