Nintendo Wins In Wii Patent Lawsuit Case

Nintendo has announced today that the Wii Patent Lawsuit against them is now over, with their victory.

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BringingTheThunder2283d ago

didnt even know they had a lawsuit against them.

Relientk772283d ago

I forgot about this lawsuit, this was a long time ago

TrendyGamers2283d ago

Same here. Glad they won though.

Soldierone2283d ago

Example of a big company with tons of money just dragging on a law suit until the opposing force runs out of money.

Glad they won, but this is how it works lol

cee7732283d ago

the rated E for everyone guy appears to congratulate nintendo in...3....2....1

Rockoman162283d ago

Congrats Nintendo!!!

Rated E for Everyone >.<!!!!

shodan742283d ago

Hadn't actually heard about this. Interesting stuff.

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