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"On September 7th of 2010, Sony introduced a game that really showed how much the Move had to offer – Sports Champions. The game featured Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Gladiator Duel, Disc Golf, Bocce, and Archery. Packed in with the hardware, it served up some experiences we’d seen on other platforms, but never quite this well. While Volleyball fell flat, there was no beating the feeling of squaring off as a Gladiator with a shield, or nocking and arrow and sending it down range. Naturally, Sony and developer Zindagi Games wanted to follow up the with a sequel, and as such I’ve gotten the chance to take Sports Champions 2 for a spin. This time around we’ll be a whole new slew of activities to play, but I’m very happy to say ahead of everything thing else that Archery has returned and it’s better than ever."

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PS3Freak2814d ago

This game seems to be getting pretty positive reviews.

Maybe I should dust off my move controllers.

BitbyDeath2814d ago

I hope they add more sports via DLC later on, like an upgraded version of Frisbee Golf.

HebrewHammer2814d ago

Or Hai Alai!

That would be a lot of broken TV's though...


MoonConquistador2814d ago

More table tennis too, that was by far the best pick from the original game. Not that I wanted to see all the same sports, but they are including archery again.