iGG: Review | XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Game of the Year Contender

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the hardcore strategy console gamers have been waiting for. In the wake of the negative reception to 2K Marin’s first person shooter XCOM, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the 1994 classic, UFO: Enemy Unknown. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based strategy RPG that puts players in the role of the commander of the XCOM Project, a global military organization formed by The Council in order to eliminate the alien threat that has befallen Earth. When you’re not instructing your soldiers on the battlefield, it’s your job to make sure that the jet fighters are equipping with the best weaponry to take down enemy aircrafts and research and develop weapons and technology to take down the enemy. Without a shadow of the doubt, XCOM: Enemy Unknown raises the stakes of the war after each and every battle.

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SoundGamer2811d ago

This game was overlooked by a lot of people but deserves to be played. It's great.

iXenon2811d ago

I'll admit, it flew under my radar as well. 10 minutes into the game and I was like "more people really need to play this"

BlackTar1872810d ago

Game is crazy fun new or old to the series. Its not as deep as the old PC one but it is definitely awesome and addictive to no end.

Chuk52810d ago

I'm right there with you dude.
I think people need to stop complaining it's not an hd skinned version of the original, and realize it's a different take on it.

Greysturm2810d ago

Its a great game but i personally dont believe its game of the year material. The storyline isnt interesting enough and its narrative is atrocious. However gameplay graphics and sound are goty worthy.


To specify the problem, after the alien base attack everything feels forced. There is no reason as to why you must attack the stealth ship, or how interacting with the sphere acomplishes anything. The big ass ship presents similar dilemas why cant we nuke it or send several raids against its components.