Call of Duty Black Ops 2 exclusive: Innovation like no other

Call of Duty is a series that is long running and some folks may be asking how Black Ops II can do anything different that people haven't already seen. Well they not only are bringing some never-before-seen features, but they are innovating the entire Call of Duty franchise.

Find out what exactly that means, in addition to how good the Wii U makes this game look and if there really is a difference between it and other systems for Black Ops II

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TotalHitman2821d ago

Call of Duty and innovative in the same sentence? Don't make me laugh.


GraveLord2821d ago

Funny how trolls like you are the first to comment on Call of Duty articles.

TheGOODKyle2821d ago

I don't think of it as CoD trolling, I think of it as saving the gaming industry trolling.

ACBAA2821d ago

also the first to play it

-GametimeUK-2821d ago

It's not like a majority of games are using perk systems thanks to CoD4 or anything.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32820d ago

Which makes totalhitman's comment obselete and a troll...

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YxUxNO2821d ago

In before Call of Duty and inno... damn ._.

Hazmat132821d ago

atleast is a different from cod not modern or past but the future more player controlled vehicles the player you control has a face and a name and most of all a voice! also combat training for just fun bot killing and nazi zombies! in terms of the COD brand its innovative as a whole as compared to other games its alright but there are better games.

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hougigo2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

They barely add anything and people call them innovative

3-4-52821d ago

They've added a ton of new stuff. Wek up and stop spreading lies. Have you even read about what they have added ?

People like you are worthless.

hougigo2821d ago

What do they add other than new guns and barley new futures?
Soon as it's released it's the same old thing.
I'll still buy it, but used because Activision doesn't get my money for recycling the same shit

vallencer2821d ago


So you're saying they only added a couple barely new things and just recycled everything else? Their whole custom class system has changed, kill streaks have changed, weapons, zombies mode is bigger an different, the single player has its own custom class along with fail able missions and different endings. But you're going to tell me they haven't changed "shit". Well sir or madam you're wrong they've changed a lot. Changing how the core base of the game plays without all te added things would be a terrible idea because it then would not be call of duty.

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