Shadowrun presentation

Last video by SnakeX for the X06, here is a presentation of Shadowrun. Who would have thought after E3 that this game have changed that much graphically?

power of Green 6353d ago (Edited 6353d ago )

So different so cool. Welcom3 Chang3. Jump-in then Jump-out then shoot a Mutha F*cka in the back.

sparco6353d ago

Why did ya say Welcom3 Chang3? i dont get it lol.

kmis876353d ago

It still needs work but it looks like it's moving along nicely. I thought that weird tree thing was pretty cool.

power of Green 6353d ago

Do you have high speed internet hooked up to you're 360?, if you do you should check out the Shadowrun trailer. It's weird and looks like alot of fun. IN OTHERWORDS it's different from most game's. Come on Elve's in the future that's chang3 if i ever seen it. Wise up pup. But if you don't have an 360 or High speed, than forget about the wise crack.

beans6353d ago

My brother says that this game looks like crap but I think it's coming along and looking rather nice! I hope they have sometype of vehicles or flying horses since this is a 100% multiplayer experience!

TheXgamerLive6352d ago

LOL, funny I somehow am betting that no horses will be flying, unless it's a Mustang GT, lol.


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