Mass Effect 3 Wii U developer faced a tough reality

GamaSutra - The past few years have been tough for Australian video game developers. But while some have folded, others have found ways to flourish.

One of the studios that has navigated through the turmoil is Melbourne-based Tantalus. Founded in 1994, the independently-owned company's bread and butter has been work-for-hire gigs, porting games across various platforms.

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profgerbik2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I am not even going to comment too much on the Wii U getting Mass Effect 3.

People can have fun buying that again, that is all I will say.

GraveLord2816d ago

Again? I'm pretty sure Nintendo fans haven't gotten to play Mass Effect 3 yet.....

ChickeyCantor2815d ago

It's not like we have PC's ...or actually own PS3/360 consoles....lolololololol..... .


deafdani2816d ago

If you already played ME3 on the Xbox 360 or PS3, why would you bother with the Wii U version? I know I won't, there are many Wii U exclusive games I can buy with that money.

This is for first timers, obviously.

On the other hand, I hope EA releases the ME trilogy for the Wii U sometime later. :/

newn4gguy2816d ago

A rather harsh reality to face, but they pushed through it. I wish them the best in the future.

ninjabake2816d ago

I still don't know why they would release a trilogy and then port an 8 month old game to the Wii U. Its like they're asking for it to not succeed. Smh @ EA. But hey now you can't say the Wii U doesn't have those kinda games. Only time'll tell whether they get 3rd party multiplats in the future.

jsslifelike2816d ago

Great article. This is the sort of challenge that I imagine a decent chunk of the industry finds as a reality. Instead of treating it like an EA or Activision, Tantalus chose honesty over all. Excellent.

DivineAssault 2816d ago

They cant just port all the others over that easily.. Devs need to create game builds when making wii u titles & on top of that, they need to implement the gamepad features for every single game.. Thats almost like making each game an exclusive & it will take a long time for them to create a wii u build of every game that comes to 360/ps3..

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