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Announced earlier this year Medal of Honor: Warfighter is a direct sequel to the 2010 Medal of Honor game developed by Danger Close & DICE. Unlike the previous game Warfighter will be developed by Danger Close alone and has been in development for almost two years. The game will run on the same engine as Battlefield 3 – ‘Frostbite 2′ & will feature a Singleplayer/ Campign & Multiplayer Mode. Warfighter will be out October 23rd for the PS3, Xbox360 & PC.

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chriski3332821d ago

Looks great getting it for the ps3 at midnight!

InTheLab2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@3:10 in the video..

So sick of the sameyness. Can't wait to "follow" some dude around and wait for him to open doors for you, then do the obligatory follow the grizzled sniper vet mission, followed by many on the rails machine gunner sections, and of course, the slow motion breach.

Does anyone remember what Danger Close did prior to the Modern War fad?

They made an open ended WW2 shooter with upgradeable weapons, the ability to lean, vertical combat, as well as other varied gameplay.

Yeah...using a weapon in the campaign leveled that weapon up. You could lean around cover or up about it...yes, fully directional leaning. You could drop into one of three different drops zones or you could drop right on top of your objective. The choice was yours.

None of you bought it (1m sales for each platform)so now they're doing s*** like this...again. A stripped down copy of a copy with no soul of it's own. /facepalm

Ak47Russia2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"New Story" what story? "In games USA good guys rest of the world bad guys"

In games:
USA good guys rest of the world bad guys.

Real life:
USA bad guys invading and destroying every thing dividing nations for their inters and rest of the world building and finding new solutions to survive....

In games:
USA soldiers are brave smart, cool and the best!

In real life:
USA soldiers crying like a little girls when freedom fighters attack them

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Battlefield 3 and COD pathetic propaganda brain washing games....

GammaSix2821d ago

How can people possibly talk trash about COD then turn right around and support an obvious clone?

Kaneda2821d ago

clone? from the people that worked on COD? Activision has been cloning COD for 5 years...

GammaSix2821d ago

And other devs keep cloning it too

Salsa-B2821d ago

Forget where tryarch got the COD engine from? Oh that's probably because you weren't a gamer then, seems like an cloned engine that grey arch learned how to mod from the guys who left infinity ward because Activision told the guys who really knew how to make changes to the engine that they couldn't update mw2, so they your research little one!

TENTONGUN2821d ago

mw1 set the bar pretty high i guess.

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