Ubisoft Explains Splinter Cell Exclusivity

The original was developed just for Xbox, remember?

At X06, Ubisoft made an interesting move by announcing the next Splinter Cell sequel -- the one to come after Double Agent, which isn't even released yet -- would be exclusive to Xbox 360. Obviously, there was some backdoor negotiations going on to secure this exclusive (what was Ubisoft promised?), but talked with company president Yves Guillemot for an explanation.

"Splinter Cell was created on the first Xbox, so we thought it was important to come back for one volume with Microsoft to create a very good quality title focused on using the full power of the system," he said.

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power of Green 5910d ago

I suck at this I'v posted on the old site and on this one in the begining. God dam three strikes and im out. Please fix this Web dudes.

joemutt5910d ago

It would totally change the definition of what we call "Next-Gen"

headblackman5910d ago

everytime i read about things like this it just makes me proud to be a 360 owner and a ubisoft fan :) keep up the good work and we'll keep the the money rolling in :) now only if some of that loyalty would rub off on a few other developers :/not to mention any names or companies but we all know who they are >:(

calderra5910d ago

"The request contains an illegal URL."
How many of you actually read the article?

TheXgamerLive5910d ago

How powerful the XBOX 360 is and how great and complete the "Live" feature is.

Were really fortunate in that we are being given soooo many great true next gen. titles.

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jdktech20105910d ago

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TheXgamerLive5910d ago

I'll check into that. That's a good price if it has true HD quality. I'll check my local Best Buy.

TheXgamerLive5907d ago

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