Microsoft Introduces the Zune Bus

The Zune is coming and what better way to celebrate it than painting a bus in jet black and slapping the company (Microsoft) and the product (Zune) logo on the side.

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kmis875910d ago

Every time I see or hear "Zune" I always think about that Zuni fetish doll from the Trilogy of Terror movies. Of all the names they could pick, they had to pick the one that reminds of a disturbingly creepy, evil doll.

On a less random note, I still am not sure exactly what Zune is. Is it an iPod competitor or more of a gaming thing? I'm happy right now with my nano, but if it breaks or something, I'd like to know more about the alternatives so I'm kinda interested in this. Does anybody know how much it weighs in comparison to a nano?

shotty5910d ago

I wonder if it says Zune Zune on the back (the mazda commercial where the kid says zoom zoom) Ya, well.