Microsoft Uses Sony's File Format for 3D Models

A while ago a big hoopla was made over Microsoft's public release of XNA Game Studio Express. It was made out to be an easy-to-use development tool for making games for the Xbox 360. We even covered the initial announcement under the title "Make Your Own Next Gen Games!".

This dreamy land of game making goodness may be coming, but it's still a while off. The current XNA beta takes a fair amount of technical expertise to install and configure, and it only supports Windows game development. However, the most glaring problem with the beta is that it does not include the XNA Framework Content Pipeline feature. That means you can't create data in your favourite 3D modelling program (like Maya or 3D Studio MAX) and import it into your game! So you'll just have to hold out for a little while before making anything more complex than casual games with simple graphics.

So what are hobbyist game developers to do? Write their own file importer? No! It's Sony to the rescue! Sort of... okay, it's a Microsoft employee leveraging something that Sony started.. I should explain. COLLADA is an open file format for digital assets (ie. all that stuff in a video game) with plugins for all major content creation tools. It was created by Sony back in 2004. Clearly with the intent that this file format would aid game development for the PSP and Playstation 3. Well, in the absence of an XNA importer, a Microsoft employee has written a COLLADA file importer to get models from his modelling program (the open source program Blender incidentally) into his XNA program.

In regards to the XNA Framework Content Pipeline, judging from this post on the XNA Team Blog, it looks like it will be great when it comes out. For now, rest assured that you can use the file format Sony started, COLLADA.

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BIadestarX5906d ago

How can this be approved?
Let me explain, Sucks how Sony fanboys try to twist things to make them sound like something that it's not real.

COLLADA defines an open standard XML schema for exchanging digital assets among various graphics software applications that might otherwise store their assets in incompatible formats. COLLADA documents that describe digital assets are (XML files), usually identified with a .dae (digital asset exchange).
So, COLLADA is a file format. It is using XML and XMLSchema.

Collada seems to be nothing more than storing gaming assets in XML format. It's nothing more than a way to have the same data formats for different 3D models from different 3D software or whatever. XNA will support formats like .X and .FBX. It is only obvious that as the XNA matures you will see all major assets formats like COLLADA. This is a good thing.
So, COLLADA it's not a technology or some API, it's simply a text.
Here it's an example:

<targetHref> http://www/~sam/January14Da...
<Point targetId="point123"& gt;
<coordinates>-95.48,40.4 3,0</coordinates>

calderra5906d ago

Yeah, it's an OPEN file format. Both Sony and Microsoft use Java- do you see (many) articles about how Sun is playing them both? They "created" it, sure, but from there it's open-source.

zOMG- Both sony and Microsoft use Macs for graphical work too! We should post an article about that!

And I bet Microsoft employees drive Japanese cars work! And that Sony execs wear Levis! WHAT A WORLD!!!

BIadestarX5906d ago

Voted lame because it's missleading, "Microsoft Uses Sony's File Format for 3D Models

DJ5906d ago

Even something as minor as this made Bladestar get all rattled. Sony's using a lot of open technology like Collada, OpenGL 2.0 ES, Linux, and nVidia's CG shading language. A lot of developers prefer to have choice in what technologies they can use to build their games, and luckily Sony doesn't force them to use a propreitary API, operating system, etc.

Donkey Slayer5906d ago

The pure definition of insecurity.

BIadestarX5906d ago

You sony fanboys try to take advantage of the fact that some people may not be familiar with certain stuff to confuse people. Statements suchs as, "Microsoft Uses Sony's File Format for 3D Models" when Collada it's not EVEN A FILE FORMAT but instead a Open SOURCE XML SPECIFICATION it's just wrong. And DJ, since when COLLADA it's a tehnology? See, thats the problem you people talk without knowing sh** about things. Stop just repeating what other Sony fanboys say, Unless you understand. I am a computer programmer with some experience with game programming inclusing OpenGL etc. Just be aware that whenever you post stuff someone may be familiar with the topic and make you look stupid. "The pure definition of insecurity." Why would this be? I'm just CORRECTING the lies about this article, since I know a thing or 2 about this. Just stick to things that no one can prove like, "THE PS3 it's the future and blu-ray it's the format of the gods." but saying things like, "Microsoft uses Sony's Collada format technology.." when Collada it's not a format nor a technology shows how ignorant you Sony fanboys are.

Donkey Slayer5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

are presented to them..

I know it would be more convenient to their EGO's if I lied and didn't tell them how it is, but eventually they'd find the truth out anyway ;)


BladeStar, easy man. It's the internet.. Half the time I'm just joking around ;)

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