10 Awful PS3 games to Avoid

Wanna see some REAL stinkers for the PS3? Our senior staff writer, Chris Lohr, takes a look at some of the worst PS3 games to date.

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hennessey863992d ago

Of course but I wouldn't call laire awful or brink for that matter

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Kingnichendrix3991d ago

The worst game is that dreadful gundam game that was one of the first releases on the console none of the games in the list come close to how shocking that game is and there was this rts game I dont even care to remember

Shinuz3991d ago

I bought brink in a steam sale for something like 7$ and i regret it, truly one god awful boring game.

Summons753991d ago

that's why you will forever be damned to play call of duty. Learn how to play as a team and work toward objectives then you will actually know how to play the game.

zerocrossing3991d ago

Wow...Can't wait for the inevitable 10 "Awful Xbox360 games to Avoid"

DarthJay3991d ago

And have it be the same list.

Kalowest3991d ago

Haze, Brink, And RE:ORC aren't awful, there's games worst then those.

darren_poolies3991d ago

Definitely. Although I was disappointed by Haze, I actually quite enjoyed it.

WildArmed3991d ago

I didn't like Haze at all. I haven't played RE:ORC, but Brink is def. not a bad game.

xtremeimport3991d ago

I hate when people title articles like this.
Implying that they are all "ps3" games is misleading.
If you're gonna go console exclusives, then you can label it Ps3...if you're gonna do multi and exclusives, just label it 10 awful games to avoid.

Just makes it look like you're targeting the Ps3 more and not the games.

aquamala3991d ago

They are all games on ps3 , how is that misleading?

Brink is not horrible, want a horrible game try Gundam Crossfire

DragonKnight3991d ago

@aquamala: I'll elaborate xtremeimports point. If there are multiplatform games on the list, then it's not a list of 10 awful PS3 games to avoid, it's a list of 10 awful games to avoid. The title implies that these games are either PS3 exclusive or that they are worse on the PS3. There was no reason to title this 10 awful PS3 games to avoid if the list wasn't filled with games ONLY available on the PS3.

aquamala3991d ago

"Ps3 games" are games on ps3, it didn't say "ps3 only games" or "ps3 exclusive games", since most games on ps3 are not exclusives, "ps3 games" means different things to you and me then

WildArmed3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I disagree.
If the author only has a PS3, and games on that. He is entitled to talk about his "PS3" experience, and include multi-plats.
It makes just as much sense to say "10 PS3 awful games to avoid" vs "10 awful games to avoid" considering the console being discussed is PS3. It does have PS3 exclusives on there.

If the author doesn't list that it is a PS3 only list, then people would complain about missing 360 exclusive games from the list.

This is definitely the best approach to making lists from experience, esp. when you are talking about one console i.e. the intended audience for this article are PS3 owners, not 360 owners or Wii Owners.

Mulit-plats are a very big part of the PS3 library.

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Eyeco3991d ago

I haven't played any of them either but I heard Lair was pretty decent after a control patch was sent, if you look past all the hate for the game, I heard it was mildly enjoyable.

memots3991d ago

The control did not need patching, People need patching on their brain. Lazy gamer that cannot be bothered to learn a new control scheme. I learned it and beat the game in one sitting.

New control scheme pfftt ... welcome to casual i say.

supersonicjerry3991d ago

Brink was bad though the story mode was weird and had so many problems the only and the story. One mission for me at least you had to escort an old man and he wouldn't move turned it off and on again and still nothing just took it back. Had potential though.

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Cam9773992d ago

I haven't played any of them.

_LarZen_3992d ago

Only 2 of them are PS3 exclusives? If so the headline should be something like "X awful games"

Hicken3992d ago

It SHOULD be, but that doesn't generate the hits that the current title does.

_LarZen_3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

So true...

People write hate articles aimed at Playstation to get clicks but there could be a side effect on this that the "haters" dont take in to consoderation.

The more hate I read about Sony and the Playstation brand, the more I want to support them. Sure I will admit that I favor the PS3 more then the X360, everyone has his/her personal taste(thank God).

Am I alone in thinking like this? Or are there other PS3 owners out there that just grows more and more attatched to Sony and the PS3 becaus of all the hating going on?

My last bubble...cya :)

SJPFTW3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

This is not an article attacking the PS3, this is an article for PS3 owners of what games they should avoid. Its not like there are no similar articles but for the others consoles floating around.

LOL @ the fanboys being so oversensitive.

GribbleGrunger3991d ago

_LarZen_, that was exactly what I thought when I saw the list. Perhaps he should have headed it: '8 games to avoid on the 360 and the PS3'. That way it wouldn't have seemed biased, but would have gotten less hits.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3991d ago


Not exactly, i grow more attached to Sony every time they release a new Ip. I grow more attached to Sony every time they release a great sequel. I grow more attached to Sony every time they give me free games and save me a ton of cash through the form of PS+. I grow more attached to Sony every time i play a multiplayer game and realise they didn't charge me to use the online portion of my already purchased game. I grow more attached to Sony every time i play my Playstation 3 console and realise i wasn't tricked into buying it, not tricked by the hype, the media , or a gimmick. I grow more attached to the Playstation brand for sticking with the same core gamers through and through even when Sony itself has seen better days.

Those are my reasons :b

Imalwaysright3991d ago

Those are the same exact reasons why the PS4 will be my console of choice next gen. I would just add that Sony is one of the few publishers that isnt afraid to take risks and because of it we got to play unique gems like Demon Souls or Heavy Rain.

I couldnt care less what my neighbor next door thinks about Sony or PS3. I was never a sheep and dont plan to start being one now. I will eventually get a Wii U down the road for Nintendo's awesome 1st party but the PS4 will no doubt be my primary console.

aquamala3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Where do you get from "ps3 games" that they are exclusives?

Most games on ps3 are not exclusives

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Outside_ofthe_Box3992d ago

You always have the jokes ready at hand, huh?