Toshiba set to release a Blu-Ray player?

1080living.com has learned through sources in the distribution and retail business that the buzz is Toshiba already has a Blu-Ray player in the works ready for production for a September 08 release but now this has been pushed up to a July 08 release with recent events in the industry.

This would make sense as Toshiba is a major electronics giant and supporting Blu-Ray will only benefit the company in the long run. Toshiba is currently liquidating HD-DVD players for as little as $90.00 which many analyst consider to be under their cost but as demand dries up Toshiba is trying to cash in on last minute consumers that will be swayed by price alone.

One source cited 2 players are in the works with a price target of $250 and $350.00.

Never heard of this site before so take it with a grain of salt.

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actas1235711d ago

Nice pic. Thats Colgate spokesperson lol..

phony force slayer5711d ago

yer i thought that as well bubbles for you for the picture nice one lol

pwnsause5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

ZoMG, Teh Irony!!!!, well they might even have the best standalone BD player, Sony Had the Best VHS players back in the Day when betamax died.

hella whip5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Now this really would be the official end of HD-DVD.

Edit: The site does look a bit "Homemade" though, doubt its true.

Mr_Kuwabara5711d ago

The sites template sucks but the site itself looks overall, legit.

Yet again this is just a rumor.

Shaka2K65711d ago

Sony laptops > toshiba laptops.
Sony HDTVs ? toshiba tvs

Sony > toshiba

TwissT5710d ago

Toshiba products suck?? Can you explain the Cell processor? Toshiba, Sony and another company (I dont't know who) all joined together to make the cell which is *surprise* inside the ps3 and since the cell is a nice piece of technology your statment of "toshiba products sucks anywyas." Fails, sorry.