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Mobile & Apps: "Medal of Honor: Warfighter is possibly one of those games that will be forgotten, and not because of gameplay, but owing to the fact that the game's release date clashes with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2."

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finbars753049d ago

How do the dates clashes when there 3 weeks apart.The final product might better then the beta wich was just horrible.Its single player I want from this game but it wont be forgotten for a while trust me.EA knows how to keep there fps gamers enterested for a while.

Crazyglues3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

yeah I don't get what they meant by the "release date clashes with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" because only a moron would think Oct 23rd is the same as Nov 13th..

-but from what I can see its just not really much different from the 2010 one as far as single player campaign. -

and the multi-player is exactly like the beta, so if you didn't like the beta, it's exactly the same, with weak textures..

Looks like the game is going to be just ok and if your tight on funds this one's probably a pass..

I'll do a full review on Tuesday and let y'all know what you can expect. The first one back in 2010 was indeed forgotten before I even finished the campaign -which I never did... and I bought that used for 10 bucks.. just to get in the BF3 Beta..


GraveLord3049d ago

Everyone is pre-ordering Black OPs 2 and saving up for that game. No one cares about Medal of Honor.

PLAYER50953049d ago

well this game will be forgotten for me once i play and finish the single player.gonna rent this game

Straightupbeastly3049d ago

Dice made the 2010 multiplayer for moh

dazzrazz3049d ago

I rather buy Black Ops 2 than sink my 60 bucks like i did with previous MoH, which was abandoned and dead after 3 months time.

TENTONGUN3048d ago

moh 2010 mp was horrid though. i had it 3 days and my 3 year old knocked my xbox over and completely destroyed the disc. i didnt even give a sh*t. was only out $15 trade in value :/

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