EDGE review scores – December 2012 – first NFS: Most Wanted score

Take a look at the latest review scores from EDGE, including the first score for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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Jio3056d ago

Awesome, I think I'll get the Vita version.

JellyJelly3056d ago

I suppose you don't own a PS3 or 360 then? Why else would you get the lesser version of a game?

BuffMordecai3056d ago

So you could play it on the go?

Kazeke7543056d ago

You haven't been reading up on the vita version of the game, have you Jelly?

Cam9773056d ago

I have both and I'm getting it on Vita.

jd6663056d ago

To annoy people on public transport!! Vita has less traffic too!

MysticStrummer3056d ago

Hey look an idiotic comment on N4G. What a surprise.

MmaFan-Qc3056d ago

i own a top notch gaming pc,360,ps3 but gonna take the vita version, u mad?

MaxXAttaxX3055d ago

Some people prefer playing certain games on a different platform.

FriedGoat3055d ago

I will also be getting the vita version.

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why there is no Assassins creed 3 review?
its coming the same month..
anyone have any idea why??

pr0digyZA3056d ago

Review copies havnt been sent out yet I believe.


That might be the case,
thanks man.

Knight_Crawler3056d ago

LMFAO! So your are going to base your purchase of AC3 on some reviewers opinion -_-

Thank god the world ends this year.


Did i mention that im going to base my purchase on the review??!

I was just wondering because it's coming the same month along with NFS.

Next time understand the question before you answer.

FriedGoat3055d ago

I wish I could tag people on this website, So that next year after the world HASNT ENDED, I can laugh at the idiots that actually believe this.

pr0digyZA3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

Lol seems like I might be wrong, A reviewer on neogaf said that he has had AC3 for three weeks already, So I am guessing then that there is some sort of embargo for internet (probably day before or on the day). That would lead me to assume that Edge hasn't completed it, or hasn't got the rights to first print review. One good thing to take away though is that there must be a lot of content if its already been with them for a few weeks.

Spenok3056d ago

Either what pr0digyZA said, or there might be a review embargo. As most high profile tripple A games have these days.

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floetry1013056d ago

Edge don't mess around, but neither do Criterion. Can't wait for this bad boy to drop.

bubblebeam3055d ago

Dishonored – 9
Resident Evil 6 – 6
Need for Speed: Most Wanted – 9
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – 9
Torchlight 2 – 8
New Little King’s Story – 7
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – 7
FTL: Faster Than Light – 7
Rayman Jungle Run – 8
The Room – 8
Bad Piggies – 6

Well, it seems Criterion aren't the only ones who don't mess around, as dishonored and xcom faired quite well too.

I only posted the EDGE scores as I believe that if you wanted to see the scores, you would have already clicked on the article. So hopefully this helps for people who can't load it for some reason.

Jio3056d ago

Funny how NFS fanboys are going around disagreeing with everybody's comment because they hate this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.