Splinter Cell Double Agent Achievements

The achievements for Splinter Cell Double Agent has finally been revealed. The game has 38 achievements with the total score of 1000 points. Read more to view the full list.

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uuuunvnv25910d ago

8 new maps for neck snaping fun. i cant wait!!!!

calderra5910d ago

In case anyone out there is totally deficient at patterns, ALL Xbox 360 games (including arcade titles) have exactly 1,000 possible points.

It's literally a requirement by Microsoft for the game to be released. It has to be 1,000- no more, no less. There might appear to be less because some are secret, but they're there somewhere.

Liverpool4ever5910d ago

ALL Xbox 360 games (including arcade titles) have exactly 1,000 possible points

... ? ...
Last I checked arcade games got only 200 possible points...

shotty5910d ago

Not all xbox 360 games have 1000. The only rules are that no retail game can have over 1000 points or over 50 acheivments. So having 1001 points or 51 acheivments will have your game fail certification from microsoft. Games like Oblivion have 50 acheivements totally 1000 points. While some games like Kameo or GRAW have less then 1000 points and then the rest of the acheivements are added in through free update. (I don't think microsoft allows premium DLC to be worth acheivments).