The Guys At PSM Get A PS3

Hot on the heels of our story yesterday about one lucky Tokyo retailer getting their mitts on a PS3 test unit for display comes the even more exciting news that the guys and gals over at PlayStation Magazine (PSM) have received a fully functioning totally playable PS3 unit.

TheMART6275d ago

Just cross the fingers that they don't get locked, overheated or just having jams because of memory problems like it was constantly on TGS!

Furthermore, this I find a funny finding:

"The pads lighter than we anticipated "

What would you think? The rumble-hardware is just taken out, so ofcourse it's lighter! That still is a bloody shame

DJ6275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

I could only find one report of a single PS3 unit going down, but it doesn't matter; you guys would end up spreading the same worthless bs over and over.

Memory problems? You must have a great imagination to come up with something like that. Let's see exactly what they said. "The pads lighter than we anticipated and we were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch feel when controlling the vehicles with the pads motion rather than the sticks. We also got to grips with Resistance: Fall of Man too. The jury's still out on this one but it looks amazing; like proper next-gen. But it really drew in a crowd of curious gamers. Including some teary-eyed men from an Xbox magazine..."

TheMART6275d ago

I don't know about you, but there are far more stories about the PS3 to go down at the TGS on multiple games, multiple times.

Ridge Racer is the best known story up till now, but also Armored Core 4, like in this story:


You'll even see the guy to need to reset the PS3 kit again

"I saw the demo units go down over a dozen times."

And yeah I know they said the controller was not that heavy. That's why I said that was normal when there is no Rumble in the thing.

And well what would you expect from a Sony biased game magazine to say blabla about other systems? Like that one Sony magazine that said:

"Bioshock is coming to PS3, we know it is trust us?"

We all know what was true from that BS!

zypher6275d ago

didn't you just receive your 360 back from Microsoft repairs?

OutpostCommand6274d ago

Mart...bloody hell, stop being such a damn hater !
Good grief...it does make you sound rather pathetic.

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HyperBear6275d ago

cause this sucks. I just started working at EB Games about 2 months ago, and my boss said to me,"could you please come up with a way of how to make room and space for the PS3 and Wii kiosks coming up. So it took me about a month to finally get a glimpse of what i was thinking. Then he said, he liked it and told me to, after hours, pack-up the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 kiosks, and move them to the back of the room, making way for the new kiosks at the front of the store. So it was just last week that we have made room for the Wii and PS3 kiosks, and the 360 was the only one there, and then i find out that we wont be getting the kiosks till a wekk after it even launches in November. So say November 24th. Now i just went through all of that, hoping the PS3 kiosk would come in in about 3 weeks, and now ive got to wait at least 2 more months, just to get and set-up the PS3 kiosk. And now i hear other companyes and gaming places getting them. This just sucks. But i cant wait to play PS3 and get my own, if you can sort of understand where im coming from. Im pissed that i did all that work for nothing, but im glad that the PS3 is still coming on Nov.17 and that i will be getting mine when i go into work on Friday. Cant Wait.

zonetrooper56275d ago

PSM suck as a magazine i like the OPSM which are so much better. But its good for them they get it a month before its released.

DixieNormS6275d ago

DJ is a tard. Who knows how many times he talked about how the 360 was catching houses on fire etc. But now that its about the PS3 going to hell he gets all defensive. GROW UP.
Now in subject. I think its good that there is places picking up the KIOSKS allready because we will actually be hearing more and more about the PS3's performance. I just don't like the fact that PSM was the one that received it because there won't be any negative vives coming from their mouths. And pretty much everything is going to sound positive as in the case of how the pad is not as heavy as they thought it would be. Lets get serious.

Stone Cold SA6275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

They talk the most elitist BS ever, Halo 3, PS3 is dead, what a joke seriously what is all the Xbots gonna do when PS3 launches and kicks it's but a second time round, what excuses are they gonna pull, mabye they will admit defeat and we will bury them with there Xbox and Xbox 360 like they fantasize about so badly!

Raist6275d ago

Except this info about motorstorm using tilt sensing. Never heard bout that before.