Call of Duty Needs To Take A Break

Every year, the best titles from each publisher come out between October and early December. The best-selling games, and highest rated ones usually come out during that time frame, and over the past few years, we’ve been seeing overall the same franchises...

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mafiahajeri2216d ago

Assassins creed, Mario , geow, forza, all need to take a break also.

Dr_Salvitor2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Mario is not released every year, They only release one 2D Mario per system. Racing games in general need to stop for a while. At least AC3 is considerably different this time around. I don't know what you mean by "geow" if its Gears then i have no basis for an argument i played the first for a bit thought it played like shit so I did not like it.

chrispseuphoria2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

There are two New Super Mario Bros games in the matter of 4 months and tons of spin offs. Don't you think Mario should take a break? Hey, how about a proper 3D Mario game like Mario Galaxy which could actually show the power of the Wii U rather than a 2D sidescroller which looks almost like it's 3DS and Wii counterparts?

As for Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft doesn't give us enough time to catch up with the story because of how fast these come out!

omarzy2216d ago

Agreed. NSMBW was the first 2d mario game for a home console since the SNES. NSMBU will be realeasing in 2012. The wii one released in 2009.
Super Mario world 2 was the last 2d mario on a home console before the wii one came out 14 years later.

New Super Mario Bros. 2006 on ds. Every Super Mario bros game on the GBA or GBC was a reamke, a revamp of sorts, or the first time the west gets to play the game some 10 years later.

That means New Super Mario bros on the ds is the first original 2d mario game for a portable is years, maybe a decade.

New Super Mario BRos 2 releases 6 years after the ds one.

People who say Super Mario Bros needs to take a break have not done any research.

2216d ago
PopRocks3592215d ago

That's because they hear the name "Mario" and think it's all the same despite the fact that the vast majority of Mario games play completely differently.

Sit there and try to tell me the NSMB and Super Mario 64 are one in the same. Simply is not true. There is only one of each Mario on every major platform, save for Super Mario Bros. 1 - 3 and the Galaxy games.

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Gamer-Z2216d ago

There has only been 3 gears of war games this gen whereas we are on the 7th COD game, i think that's a little much.

ZigZagZach2215d ago

Hey, I was the writer of the article. I agree with you here about Mario, Forza, and Assassins Creed. I didn't want to dive into those ones in this article, just to avoid confusion. Gears of War in my opinion is fine for now. Need for Speed is also one that comes out a lot. I think Mario should be at the top of the "need to take a break" list since each new game in the series really only adds a more vibrant world with different levels. Maybe a few new gameplay elements as well.

ALLWRONG2215d ago

You should add SOCOM and R&C to that list

rpd1232215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Gears has only had 3 games and AC, while it has had a lot of games, actually makes drastic changes to them and actually tells a great story (maybe not Revelations, but still). Same goes for Gears of War (in terms of multiplayer. Mario games are released way too often, but they actually are different in terms of gameplay. It's not the same series, it's various spin off series that happen to include Mario.

Compare these to CoD where they just make a new 5 hr campaign nobody cares about and then put some new guns and maps in and call it a day. It's fun, but they could easily just put the effort they use to make a new game to make DLC or map packs for their old game so that it would last for years.

Forza, I don't know about, I've only played one, so I can't determine if their releases are justified.

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handsome_muthafuqa2216d ago

Mario is fun but needs a LONG break. Nintendo should focus on adult games and stop making digital "Toys"

and animal crossing???....Realy Nintendo?

Cam9772216d ago

Hahahaha! Your avatar!

LX-General-Kaos2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Not the biggest COD fan but COD does not need to take a break. It is the highest selling game this generation every year. Its pretty much pure profit now, and doing a massive part to keep Activision in business. The only thing bad about COD is that its so popular that it halts the sales of other franchises.

There are other annual releases that should take a break way before the worlds most popular videogame at the moment. Games that have low sales and too many releases.

Yakuza Franchise
Need For Speed
Dynasty Warrior type games
Some sports titles with moderate upgrades with full price tags.

Rated E For Everyone

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aviator1892216d ago

As long as it sells well, Activision will never pull call of duty away from the yearly-release cycle.

RPG12012216d ago

I wish developers wouldn't sell out as much. Innovation is really crapping out. I remember when I saw Gamespot's first 10 for Soul Calibur; the review's title was: Think state of the art. It was a great evolution for the fighting genre, and now... Call Of Duty 12 War of the Chimps in Space, here we GO!

The Meerkat2216d ago

Who wouldn't want to play a FPS based on chimps in zero gravity?

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