Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Live Action Short Film

Namco Bandai released a new live action short film based on their Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video game. The video has been produced by Wild Stunts Europe.

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Vandamme213059d ago

That was awesome...especially hworang and law

killerhog3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

I hope you are joking. That's was bad the fighting choreography and acting was amateurish to bad. I wanted to laugh many times. But I bet you're one of those people still scared of paranormal activity 4, although its the same exact movie as the previous ones with different actors/actresses.?I bet you also liked those horrible street fighter live-action shorts?

Then people wonder why Capcom sf movies and other fighting games movies suck, because they think the stuff they make is good, because of you and van-damme like crappy things like this video.

Iceman X3058d ago

The fighting choreography was great they used the same moves from the game. Ok the acting was ok not great but not horrible either.

killerhog3058d ago

So what if they used the same moves, their execution of said moves/fighting was bad. If you couldn't see this than please don't be a critic of fighting games movies/fighting movies. Then add in the bad acting.

armorki3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

better than the orginal tekken movie :) Nice

Ak47Russia3058d ago

That was rubbish costumes, crap moves and bad acting....