I used to love Sony; now I hate them

The author has been a Sony fan for as long as he can remember. From staying up all night to play his PlayStation, to the hoards of games he owned for the PS2.They’ve always kept their promises and have always delivered when it comes to gaming.
Now, recently, he got caught up in something which made him fall out with his favorite gaming company.

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abzdine2891d ago

Good, stay where you are.

guitarded772891d ago

Anytime someone is a fan of a brand and not games, they will be let down.

nerdkiller2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

rable!,rable!,rable!,rable!,ra ble!,rable!

slazer1012891d ago

I used to love to read articles; Now I hate to.

Diver2890d ago

exactly. game judgement just stated they are biased. no need to ever look at that site again. not ever.

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MYSTERIO3602891d ago

What a surprise another Sony hate article

shoddy2891d ago

I told you guys.
It's a daily thing.

ALLWRONG2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Sony has a loooooong way to go before they match the number of Nintendo and MS hate articles on this site.

Hicken2890d ago

And you have nowhere to go before you embody your name.

bubblebeam2891d ago

I know right? How dare he complain about Sony when they are clearly in the wrong.

Read the damn article. The reason Sony and Microsoft get away with poor customer service is because when someone does complain, they aren't taken seriously and blind fanboys defend multi-billion dollar corporations because they are immature children.

Forget your console loyalties (I am an avid ps3 and 360 gamer), these companies can't get away with this.
You complain that Bethesda can't fix their issues, yet when Sony has technical issues and can't fix it, it's okay?

The hypocrisy and pure stupidity leaves little doubt that the internet is infested with little brats like yourself.

MaxXAttaxX2890d ago

It sounds like one gamer's incompetence. He can't figure out the parental controls and the rating system. I wasn't aware that this was even a real problem to anyone but this guy. His US account works just fine, but he refuses to use it.

You are overblowing this whole thing talking about blind fanboy loyalty and comparing the situation to Bethesda's mediocre programming.

bubblebeam2890d ago


My disagrees just shows how dumb people are. This is also a programming issue. He even said on his master account the parental controls are off.

Whether I am right or not, how does it justify making fun of him? Of course, it could just all be a conspiracy paid for by microsoft.......

All of this is coming from someone who usually takes Sony's side, but I can't stand for stupid biased opinions when people obviously haven't read the article.

Picnic2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

In a nutshell - you've bought some products that have given you many hours of pleasure in your formative years made by some creative (and not so creative) people but you want to whine about a minor inconvenience of them. It's like going out with Helena Christensen and complaining that she never does the washing up.

AIndoria2891d ago

So Should I abandon the online experience, which is a major part in the games like Borderlands 2 and Dark souls, and just be okay with Singleplayer campaign/Offline gaming just because perhaps, perhaps, I have a defective unit or a fault from Sony's side?

DragonKnight2891d ago

Nope. What you should do is stop crying like a baby and play on the account that you can play it on. Why do you have to play it on your Indian account? Maybe next time just lie about your age. The parental controls are set automatically based on age because of parents who b*tched that games are too violent for their innocent children so Sony implemented it to be politically correct and avoid frivolous and unfounded lawsuits.

AIndoria2891d ago

@DragonKnight : Quote from the article:
"Now, I would create another account but most of my online and season passes are linked to this account, which is a bummer. "

'This' being the Indian account.

DragonKnight2891d ago

Yeah, I read the article. My point still stands. It's up to you to know what you can and can't play and where. It's not up to Sony to hold your hand every step of the way. If you have an account that you CAN play certain games on with no problem and an account where all you encounter are problems, which one should you play on?

And given that the parental controls come into automatic effect based on the age you submitted for your PSN account, you either lied about your age to make yourself seem younger for some stupid reason, or you're not old enough to play the game. So again, your problem, not Sony's. Stop whining about trivial nonsense.

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