Splinter Cell: Double Agent Hands on!

With his gruff exterior and collection of high-tech gadgets, Sam Fisher has become a popular videogame protagonist amongst gamers and Tom Clancy fans alike with the Splinter Cell series. Despite a monumental leak at Ubisoft recently revealing the fifth title in the series, Sam Fisher makes a return in the next few weeks with the release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent - though things are not quite what they seem this time around, as you can probably conclude from the game's title.

Split between current and next-generation, Ubisoft are employing both Montreal and Shanghai studios to ensure the title makes a creditable appearance on the span of formats that Double Agent is making an appearance on. Previously responsible for the second title in the series, Pandora Tomorrow, Ubisoft's Shanghai studios are looking after the Xbox 360 and PC versions to make the most out of them. Multiplayer features have also been divided by the split, something that seems to be a contentious issue amongst fans at this stage.

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Stone Cold SA5913d ago

I haven't played Splinter Cell game in ages but this looks really cool.