Splinter Cell: Double Agent Hands on!

With his gruff exterior and collection of high-tech gadgets, Sam Fisher has become a popular videogame protagonist amongst gamers and Tom Clancy fans alike with the Splinter Cell series. Despite a monumental leak at Ubisoft recently revealing the fifth title in the series, Sam Fisher makes a return in the next few weeks with the release of Splinter Cell: Double Agent - though things are not quite what they seem this time around, as you can probably conclude from the game's title.

Split between current and next-generation, Ubisoft are employing both Montreal and Shanghai studios to ensure the title makes a creditable appearance on the span of formats that Double Agent is making an appearance on. Previously responsible for the second title in the series, Pandora Tomorrow, Ubisoft's Shanghai studios are looking after the Xbox 360 and PC versions to make the most out of them. Multiplayer features have also been divided by the split, something that seems to be a contentious issue amongst fans at this stage.

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Stone Cold SA6357d ago

I haven't played Splinter Cell game in ages but this looks really cool.


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purple10115h ago

Ohh damn
It’s not stopping is it

Jin_Sakai12h ago

I would’ve never have thought this game would be anywhere near this big.

InUrFoxHole12m ago

Why? There is nothing else out. This is what happens when companies do what they're supposed to do.

ApocalypseShadow11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

You mean Jim Ryan, who still supported and released single player games, should have been fired instead of retiring on his own terms, for helping to bring games like this about? For giving gamers what they actually asked for? (And many did ask for.)Which is a fun and exciting online game?

You mean, you have to see something and try something hands on, and find out that sony can deliver a fun, top notch, online game, before opening one's mouths?

You mean it's selling quite well and it's gathering a lot of players to boot? You don't say?

Can we at least wait until Sony does something stupid, before shitting on their efforts to make games? Or allow them to support developers and games without the nonsense from not seeing the final products? Especially since they have delivered again and again for 5 generations to receive that much vitriol ahead of their releases.

I think they were trying to get good online games for PlayStation to go hand in hand with their single player games. From what I've seen so far on this games success, they helped deliver just that. Whatever next one they announce, give it a chance first instead of speculating and making up shit. Yeah I said it. Because I was one of the one's saying give them a chance before downplaying. While many were trashing what they were trying to do.

dveio10m ago

Definitely a success story of a game we haven't seen in quite a while. Huge!

PvP is great, but can get exhaustive fast.

PwP was very under-represented in the last years, but can be SO much more fun.

Even in Single-Player games like Death Stranding. It really gave the game a very nice and warm feeling of being part of a helping community, contrary to the threating world the game is taking place in. I am really looking forward on how Kojima will improve this community system in DS2.

Eh, anyway. Congrats to Arrowhead Studios and to Sony! It's also great to know that Arrowhead can rely on Sony's full support.