HDD space requirements and screens for Silent Hill 4 and other new PS2 Classics

The Japanese branch of Sony Computer Entertainment today revealed the HDD space requirements in addition to some screens on the latest batch of Japanese PS2 Classics games.

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Cam9772250d ago

Good thing I have all of the SH games on PS2.

Kte2250d ago

Good thing they released SH2 & 3 in HD already cause this one was just bad.

jc485732250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

yea, but the HD Collections had many tech problems. No, Patch 2 did not fix everything. Still experiencing freezing issues from time to time. Framerate issues are just more subtle this time around.

CGI-Quality2250d ago

Not bad at all, just different. It's immensely better than most of the recent SH titles.

The Room had an atmosphere about that fit the Silent Hill culture, despite the steps it took away from the traditions of the franchise. Doesn't make it a bad game, though.

ChipChipperson2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Definitely agree. I mean, gameplay wise and it's mechanics, the game really started to feel like a chore mid-game, but for me, it really tops my list of the creepiest SH game. I thought it did exceptionally well with the atmosphere and art direction. Yeah, some enemies were kinda...dopey looking/sounding, but I loved the direction they were trying to go with the ghost(victims) and for me, that made up for it. That and the soundtrack was excellent.

Blacktric2250d ago

If it was possible to ignore you and report that comment more than once, I would gladly do it.

"cause tihs one was just bad"

Get off the bandwagon and play the game properly before writing something like that.

TheMutator2249d ago

sir you dont know what the hell you're talking!!!

Kte2248d ago

I don't? lol that was my opinion and I see everyone else has theres. So again, IT SUCKED lol screw the atmosphere around the room, the suspense is the only thing that will never fail, and the music, monsters, weapons, but as I said being in the room sucked there is a big reason why they are letting Kojima take over for this lol

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hkgamer2250d ago

i kinda liked this game even thought it wasnt really a silent hill game. i guess silent hill fans hated this game because they got tricked. i guess for the people who disliked it maybe they should thik of this game as a horro game and not part of silent hill.

good thing they released sh2&3?
didnt 90% of the ppl hate the hd version and prefer the original? voice acting, bugs, framerate and graphical glitches messed up the game big time apparently

Kratoscar20082250d ago

The room is a great SH game, the only shortcoming of the game was to reexplore areas but appart from that is a worthy tittle of the Silent Hill name.

The room ghosts scared the hell of me.

adorie2250d ago

Too much backtracking, not enough exploration... You're not even in Silent Hill for long, if at all.

The game seemed rushed to me. It left something to be desired.

Kratoscar20082250d ago


There was enough exploration, maybe not like Silent Hill standards but there was.

The game suffered as a last minute choice to tie it with the series.

You Visit the orphanage where alyssa spent her childhood and the antagonist is mentioned in SH2 so i think that the game made a great job tying themselve with the series.

HarryMasonHerpderp2250d ago

I would take PS2 ports of the original games on PSN anyday than have that garbage HD Collection.
Would be amazing if I could get them on my Vita.
Instead we get another garbage game SH book of memories.
Hopefully the next SH game is developed in Japan with Hideo Kojima's fox engine.

hkgamer2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

its a shame vita cant play/emulate ps2 games.
silent hill should definitely return to japan. the japanese seems to be experts at creating a creepy atmosphere.
i remember the first time watching the ring, had no subtitles so didnt have a clue what was going on, but it freaking scared the crap out of me.
i want to play a game where i get scared just walking down a corridor. silent hill was great at door and had great mindfuck moments where you know the next room is dangerous and you jest feel scared and ddont want to go there.


in a way they made a good job tying it in with the series, but you could tell that decision was made quite abit into development. i think many peope would have prefered it if it wasnt tied into silent hill. but i guess if it wasnt tied to the series then no one would have played the game.

one bad thing about the game though was that it kept on reminding me of 'being john malkovich' which took a little of the horror aspect away from the game

KrimsonKody2250d ago

Don't forget about the missing footage,
particularly the 2.+secs. that was cut from the 'rape' scene.

tack1292250d ago

That was fixed in the latest patch.

rawshack2250d ago

Silent hill 4 wasn't that bad just different .i like it a lot better then the newer ones that have come out .that Panopticon prison was I found really interesting

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