AudioSurf Preview

Gamer 2.0 takes a look at the upcoming Indie breakthrough hit AudioSurf, a game that blends elements from several different genres into one unique and charming package.

"AudioSurf is a game that seems to be taking the gaming community by storm. Its concept is a brilliant one: combine elements of a racing game with those of a puzzle game and set them to any music you'd like to listen to. It blends elements from classic games like F-Zero and Klax, and it has the ability to generate levels based on the music you feed it. This generating of levels based on your input has been done long ago by Vib Ribbon, but it's something that should just be done more often. "

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AnthonyPerez5098d ago

Yeah AudioSurf actually sounds like a lot of fun. We'll see when it finally releases, but if it does deliver then I hope it makes the trip to XBL Arcade and PSN.