Wiimote packaging?

A picture has risen from the net. Of the possible Wiimote packaging. The package looks pretty believable. It is not known though whether its real or just a extremly good photoshoper having a laugh. But as the Wii release draws ever closer Nintendo will reveal soon.

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calderra6201d ago

Looks EXACTLY like an iPod accessory pack down to the smallest detail.

Welp, ^that^ confirms it. This was the last frontier for hardware trying to steal some of iPod's success.

-Rounded pearl design? Check.
-Incredibly simplistic controls? Check.
-Small, sleek, etc? Check.
-Overpriced for what you get? Check. (If the $60 rumors hold out)

ChickeyCantor6201d ago

the nunchuck plus mote will be 60 not just the wii-mote

Stone Cold SA6199d ago

This thing looks worse that a keyboard and mouse!


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PRIMORDUS6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I would have loved a F-Zero GX remake, not remaster, or a brand new F-Zero game.😞

Agent756d ago

The problems with that are it'd probably weigh in at a full price game and it wouldn't include the AX tracks that are weirdly in the GameCube version but can't be accessed.

PRIMORDUS5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Actually I thihk you can get the AX tracks but it's really hard to do it.
But I think you might still need to find the arcade of AX, that would be nearly impossible today. There is hope, there is a rom hack for the GC rom that has all the AX tracks in there. 😁 Just search for: F-Zero AX Direct Boot

Abear216d ago

This. Why Nintendo won’t fan service us with this and give Wave Race the same treatment is beyond me. Switch 2 launch games would sell them out of consoles, but we’ll prolly just get another Mario because they figure that’s enough. Sadly, they are correct.

Soy6d ago

If you want more F-Zero, make sure to give this one some love then.

sadraiden6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Was Tetris 99 a new game built for modern hardware? What about Mario 99?

Does this person not know that Fzero 99 is built on the SNES title? Were they actually expecting a brand new Fzero game? hahahahaha
Also, what's with all of the spammy ass tags?