Wiimote packaging?

A picture has risen from the net. Of the possible Wiimote packaging. The package looks pretty believable. It is not known though whether its real or just a extremly good photoshoper having a laugh. But as the Wii release draws ever closer Nintendo will reveal soon.

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calderra5903d ago

Looks EXACTLY like an iPod accessory pack down to the smallest detail.

Welp, ^that^ confirms it. This was the last frontier for hardware trying to steal some of iPod's success.

-Rounded pearl design? Check.
-Incredibly simplistic controls? Check.
-Small, sleek, etc? Check.
-Overpriced for what you get? Check. (If the $60 rumors hold out)

ChickeyCantor5903d ago

the nunchuck plus mote will be 60 not just the wii-mote

Stone Cold SA5902d ago

This thing looks worse that a keyboard and mouse!