XBL Radio Podcast ver 365.1 (Our 1 year Show)

On October 1st 2005 XBL Radio was only 3 guys, a mic and an Xbox. 365 days later we have grown to a presence in the gaming community that has been warmly accepted.

We invite you to join the Staff at XBL Radio as we take a look back at one year of podcasting. The good, bad, ugly and all the great moments that keep us at it week after week, including our memorable outtakes.

Check out Rusty's favorite LIVE on LIVE show and Steve's favorite interviews. Find out the moment that broke Carpals back with laughter and see if The Other Guy is gonna stick around now that he has a new born baby. Plus a ton of other highlights…

It's a look at the past and the future of XBL Radio! And then catch all the community shoutouts at the end! It's a fun 45 minute treat for our fans.

For all of our frequent website visitors, get an exclusive download right now, here on the blogcast. Right click, save as… for best download experience. It will publish on Oct 1st at midnight CST on the RSS for iTunes and Feedburner.

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Steve5195912d ago

oh I most forgot, we also announced a Microsoft Vision Camera giveaway on this show

5912d ago Replies(2)
Stone Cold SA5912d ago

They are celebrating there first birthday like it's some mass victory, which in a way it would have been if Sony actually had PS3 out, but it's not out so this is lame, let's see them celebrate there 3rd birthday that will be interesting!

Steve5195912d ago

we are celebrating that the podcast XBL Radio has been going on for a year now, every tuesday for a year. for a gaming podcast thats independent that is actually pretty big news