First screenshots for PC exclusive horror title from ex-Ubisoft devs, Outlast

Enjoy the first screenshots from Outlast, a PC exclusive that is developed by Red Barrels, a company formed by ex-Ubisoft devs

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PCgamer4ever3059d ago

More terrifying than Resi 6?!I doubt

AbyssGravelord3059d ago

You're kidding right? Resident Evil hasn't been "terrifying" since 4.

FarCryLover1823058d ago

I think the poster meant terrifying how bad it is.

Kyosuke_Sanada3057d ago

Figured you were joking, especially with the System Shock II avatar......

AbyssGravelord3058d ago

On topic, this game looks absolutely brilliant!

CGI-Quality3058d ago

Agreed. Looking like an easy first day purchase!

Kamikaze1353058d ago

I'm a bit skeptical. The trailer looks absolutely amazing, but I've been fooled by pretty trailers too many times before.

CGI-Quality3058d ago

I think it happens much more with console titles.

Kamikaze1353058d ago

And that matters because?

CGI-Quality3058d ago

Er, you said both, I gave an opinion on that. Shouldn't need explaining.

Kamikaze1353057d ago

So you question my opinion but I cant question yours? Lol okay!

CGI-Quality3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

"And that matters because". Doesn't sound like reasonable curiosity to a simple opinion. Your entire attitude was ridiculous to begin with, pal.

My point was that I find console trailers push the aspects of visuals much more than PC titles. It doesn't "matter" either way, it's just an opinion based on observation.

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TheGameHuntah3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

time will tell.. so far it looks amazing

solar3058d ago

Oh man. Looks scary. These are the games i wish i could still get my hands on some shrooms and play ;)

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