Genius GX Gaming Maurus: FPS built, ARTS/MOBA approved

Noble Press: I am not one for gamer centric devices. What I mean by this is I hate case lights, I despise ugly mice, and I cannot stand terribly designed hardware and finish. So naturally, coming into this review the Maurus had many points against it before I ripped open the packaging. The Scorpion on the Maurus was a bit much for me but I learned to get over it. My objective point of view, possibly bias in the respects to my harsh feelings about exterior design, was a good stance for our readers to gauge this product by. Since I personally do not game as much as I would like, to I had, Myke Mandel, star of “The Mandel Show”, assist me with the review. We spent two weeks with the mouse and used in a large assortment of games and scenarios. I hope you enjoy our review of this fantastic little mouse...

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