DayZ Xbox 360 Release Will Happen – 4 Reasons Why

X360 Magazine: "Rumours of a console version have been flying since the mod’s release, and recent comments from its creator back them up. Dean Hall, now probably swimming in a sea of 100-dollar bills, has stated that should the PC version become a success then a console version would be, 'Quite achievable'."

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NYC_Gamer2896d ago

MS could be working on some type of exclusive console deal like they did with MineCraft

OneAboveAll2896d ago

DayZ on 360 would be legit! (So long as it's not using the terrible Arma II engine)

MurDocINC2896d ago

Yea I doubt Xbox can run arma2 engine. It would need big overhaul to make the game optimize for Xbox.

OneAboveAll2896d ago

Well, most PC's can barely run Arma II. The engine is just poorly optimized in general. :/

Blankman852896d ago

Build it and they will come.